2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (101-110)

An organization with 25,000 employees has moved to a new building that contains a fully virtualized data center with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) instituted for all employees. However, each morning between 9:00 am to 9:30, the help desk receives a large number of calls concerning slow performance and timeout issues.
The IT department that the storage array’s Fibre Channel drives is the bottleneck. They propose sold purchasing solid state disks (SSDs) to store the entire VDI environment. Unfortunately, their proposed is rejected because of the cost of the drives.
Which array feature should the organization implement to reduce the quality of SSD that are required to service the high I/O bursts of their VCs environment?

A.    Thin Pools
B.    Deduplication
C.    Cache Tiering
D.    Cache Partitioning

Answer: C

Consider the following statement. The active distribution of decision-making rights and accountability among different stakeholders in an organization and the rules and procedures for making and monitoring those decisions to determine and achieve delivered behavior and results.
Which aspect of cloud computing is expressed by the statement?

A.    Service -level management
B.    Enterprise governance
C.    Standards compliance
D.    Risk assessment

Answer: A

Your client has a block-based storage virtualization environment. They want to avoid losing data in the event of double disk failure. Which technology do you suggest they deploy?

A.    RAID 5
B.    Eraser coding
C.    Mirrored RAID
D.    Multipathing

Answer: B

Which is primary dimension to consider when performing a risk management?

A.    Quality of exposures
B.    Owner of the asset
C.    Value of the asset
D.    Location of the asset

Answer: C

What would you describe is a key characteristic of cloud platform as a Service (PaaS)?

A.    Direct control over the underlying infrastructure
B.    Cloud hosted integrated development environment
C.    Home-grown programming environment
D.    Cloud hosted, in house built tools

Answer: B

Why is existing SAN performance a key consideration when implementing an in-band virtualization component for block storage virtualization?

A.    Host connections fan in to virtualization components
B.    Storage connections fan in to virtualization components
C.    Virtual devices are cache-only devices
D.    Metadata and control are in the data path

Answer: D

A company has implemented a VDI solution. A user logs in to their virtual desktop for the first time and customizes the environment before logging off for the day. When they return the next day, all of their customizations are gone. Which type of virtual desktop has been implemented?

A.    Remote
B.    Thin
C.    Stateless
D.    Stateful

Answer: C

Applications of different criticality have been deployed on a collection of virtual servers. In an effort to save cost, a business continuity plan has been devised to provide half the number of physical servers to host the virtual machines at the disaster recovery site.
What is a possible outcome if a disaster were to occur at the primary site?

A.    Applications cannot be resolved
B.    Application data is inaccessible
C.    Application data is lost
D.    Application performance is degraded

Answer: D

What is the first phase of the Virtual Data Center Design Process?

A.    Evaluate technology options
B.    Create plan
C.    Perform initial analysis
D.    Gather data

Answer: D

What is the key business goal when consolidating by business application?

A.    Virtualize the compute environment for efficiency
B.    Identify security gaps and increase security measures
C.    Reduce footprint by decreasing energy and space requirements
D.    Implement converged network technology for performance

Answer: A

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