2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (11-20)

What is the difference between an FCoE frame and an iSCSI frame?

A.    FCoE operates on 10 Gigabit Ethernet; iSCSI does not
B.    iSCSI uses TCP/IP; FCoE does not
C.    FCoE uses TCP/ IP; iSCSI does not
D.    iSCSI encapsulates a complete FC frame; FCoE does not

Answer: B

An organization is designing a virtual server environment. They have an application that requires a significant amount of communication with a database. The application and database will be located on different physical servers and configured on the same VLAN. For performance, both the application and database will have dedicated network adapters.
Which virtualization functionality is negatively impacted by bypassing the hypervisor when configuring the dedicated network adapters for the applications?

A.    Data replication
B.    Converged networking
C.    Mobility
D.    Shared storage

Answer: C

How can a hypervisor virtual switch increase the efficiency of a physical network?

A.    By consolidating ports into the physical network
B.    By reducing the amount of data transmitted to the physical network
C.    Through port aggregation to isolate VMs to another VLAN
D.    By increasing the bandwidth of the physical network

Answer: B

A company has just experienced an outage in their environment as a result of a configuration change that propagated across the entire environment. What would you recommend to prevent similar outages in the future?

A.    Standardize the environment on a single operating system to reduce risk and simplify changes
B.    Mandate that all configuration changes comply with FIPS Level 3
C.    Encrypt all configuration management servers and configure ACLs to allow access to only a subset of administrators
D.    Configure resources to a known state and use a CMDB to ensure that the initial state is maintained

Answer: D

Which consolidation approach involves consolidating at the technology layer?

A.    Cloud
B.    Services
C.    Application
D.    VDC

Answer: D

A hypervisor running several virtual servers crashes, and all virtual servers are restarted on another hypervisor. When the applications restart, they replay log files to bring data up to date.
Which type of consistency does this situation represent?

A.    Eventual consistency
B.    Offline consistency
C.    Crash consistency
D.    Application consistency

Answer: D

To address security concerns when configuring a server, why should you avoid the use of non- persistent disks?

A.    Increasing the RAID level reduces the number of points that can be attacked
B.    Security limits vMotion flexibility
C.    Disk segmentation reduces the risk of security attacks
D.    A system reboot can remove traces of attacks

Answer: D

Governance, risk, compliance, and security are all related and yet they differ.
Which two attributes are governance attributes?

A.    IT, business exposures
B.    Access to information, enforcement
C.    Confidentiality, integrity
D.    Organizational structures, processes

Answer: D

In the CAP Theorem, what is Consistency?

A.    Ability to maintain BASE properties of transactions
B.    Ability to handle lost network connectivity gracefully
C.    Ability to maintain ACID properties of transactions
D.    Ability to respond to all requests successfully

Answer: C

A customer wants to ensure that their critical application can fail over to another physical host within the cluster without disruption. Which feature should be utilized?

A.    Storage vMotion
B.    Distributed Resource Scheduler
C.    Fault Tolerance
D.    High Availability

Answer: C

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