2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (141-150)

Which block-storage protocol should be implemented for high performance and combined management models?

A.    FCoE
B.    Enhanced iSCSI
C.    iSCSI
D.    iFCP

Answer: A

You are designing a VDC that uses converged networking to support both LAN and SAN traffic. FCoE is used exclusively for storage access. The access and aggregation layer switches that have been chosen support both 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet and Data Center Bridging.
You have determined that the traffic between the access layer and aggregation layer switches is:
– Average SAN (FCoE) – 60 Gb/s
– Average LAN (Ethernet) – 100 Gb/s
– Burst SAN (FCoE) – 80 Gb/s
– Burst LAN (Ethernet) – 130 GB/s
Performance cannot be degraded due to a failure of a single switch.
Which port configuration would support the average traffic between the access and aggregation layer switches?

A.    Three 40 Gb/s ports and six 10 Gb/s ports
B.    Four 40 Gb/s ports
C.    Three 40 Gb/s ports and four 10 Gb/s ports
D.    Four 40 Gb/s ports and eight 10 Gb/s ports

Answer: A

What is the primary benefit of Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI)?

A.    It enables a server administrator to provision storage to a hypervisor.
B.    It enables a storage administrator to create storage pools on the array.
C.    It enables a network administrator to manage VSANs and VLANs with a common interface.
D.    It eliminates the need for array-based thin pools.

Answer: A

Which type of application is a poor candidate for migration to a VDC?

A.    One that uses a specific BIOS
B.    One that uses an open source database
C.    One that uses an n-tier architecture
D.    One that has horizontal or web-scale characteristics

Answer: A

A VDC administrator wants to implement a service to non-disruptively relocate virtual machines from one physical host to another physical host.
Which service should they implement?

A.    Online Migration
B.    High Availability
C.    Distributed Switching
D.    Resource Pooling

Answer: A

An organization supporting 10,000 desktop PCs is considering implementing VDI. What is a benefit of moving forward with a VDI plan?

A.    Ease of addressing compliance issues
B.    Reduced impact on network infrastructure
C.    No change in desktop management methods and tools
D.    Immediate cost savings

Answer: A

An enterprise has several line of business applications that exist as separate islands of data and functionality. The enterprise now needs to share data across these applications to automate business practices.
What does the organization need to implement?

A.    EAI
B.    SAS
C.    GRC
D.    L2TP

Answer: A

A VDC application design dictates the use of multiple hypervisors with array LUNs that are directly provisioned to each VM. The application data has an active lifetime of 6 to 9 months, after which it is rarely accessed. The need is to re-purpose several storage arrays from different vendors and performance capabilities.
Which technology should be considered for the VDC storage design?

A.    Block-level storage virtualization
B.    File-level virtualization with global namespace
C.    Thin-on-thin provisioning
D.    Intra-array storage tiering

Answer: A

When surveying an existing application environment to free up resources, which type of systems should be initially identified?

A.    Systems that can be combined, replaced, or obsoleted
B.    Systems whose data can be comingled
C.    Systems that have minimal GRC or security requirements
D.    Systems that can be migrated easily to a virtual environment

Answer: A

A company has several NAS storage systems serving both NFS and CIFS shares. They want to offer storage to their end users, masking the identity of the target storage so the users cannot tell which storage system they are using.
Which virtualization technique would work in this environment?

A.    File-level virtualization
B.    Mixed virtualization
C.    Distributed virtualization
D.    Block-level virtualization

Answer: A

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