2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (151-160)

An application handles data that is crucial for solving a specific business problem. The dataset is quite large, and originates from several sources and formats. This data also changes very quickly.
How should you classify this application?

A.    Big Data
B.    Web-scale
C.    Horizontal
D.    Enterprise

Answer: A

An organization uses Linux desktops, laptops, and servers for their primary infrastructure. The company has a business need to run an application that is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. This application needs to be available to approximately one third of their 100 desktop and laptop users.
There is concern about the stability of the application and how a single failure might impact multiple users in a shared environment.
Which solution would best meet their needs, and why?

A.    VDI, because it provides true user segmentation
B.    RDS, because it allows all users to share a single instance of an application
C.    VDI, because it provides the highest density per user
D.    RDS, because it provides better fault tolerance

Answer: A

Which technology provides load balancing and fault tolerance for Ethernet traffic?

A.    NIC Teaming
B.    Multipathing Software
C.    HBA Teaming
D.    Fibre Channel Initiator

Answer: A

What best describes the value proposition of EMC VFCache?

A.    Improved performance without compromising protection
B.    Improved capacity utilization at reduced cost
C.    Scale-out performance at a scale-up cost
D.    Source-based deduplication without any host overhead

Answer: A

You need to determine the number of CNAs needed on a hypervisor. Bandwidth requirements for applications running on the hypervisor are:
– Average SAN Bandwidth: 5 Gb/s
– Average LAN Bandwidth: 4 Gb/s
What is the minimum number of dual-port CNAs you would need to install in the server to meet bandwidth requirements while providing CNA redundancy?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

What are the two primary reasons for creating services in the service catalog?

A.    Standardization, providing consumers with business relevant options
B.    Standardization, providing consumers with templates for selection
C.    Setting prices, limiting resource consumption
D.    Setting prices, deploying security policies

Answer: A

Which design consideration helps reduce risk when data is comingled across different business units in a VDC, or between different companies in the cloud?

A.    Creating trust zones
B.    Creating unique login IDs
C.    Having a formal risk assessment process
D.    Regulations that specify data that can be co-mingled

Answer: A

A software manufacturer is planning to convert their VDC to IaaS. As part of the transformation to IaaS the company realizes they have to make several organizational changes. They have already obtained executive sponsorship and made all the necessary organizational changes.
Which is the most likely next step in their transformation process?

A.    Evaluate technical and relationship skills and perform a gap analysis
B.    Build trust in the system so that the lines of business will use the services
C.    Cross train operations, development, and test to remove silos and form collaborative teams
D.    Reorganize IT as a whole to support IaaS.

Answer: A

Which type of application is a poor candidate for migration to a VDC?

A.    Appliance-based
B.    Web-scale
C.    Enterprise
D.    n-tier

Answer: A

You are planning to deploy a virtualized application in a high-availability configuration with automated VM restart on a hypervisor cluster. Your sizing estimates show that peak workload conditions will saturate the processing power of three hypervisor servers.
To meet the SLA, N+2 redundancy is required on the hypervisor servers, with server utilization not to exceed 75% under any conditions.
What is the minimum number of nodes that you should configure in the hypervisor cluster?

A.    5
B.    6
C.    7
D.    8

Answer: B

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