2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (21-30)

An administrator has implemented a hypervisor cluster with high availability enabled. They are expecting that if any of the physical servers fail, the virtual servers will be transparently migrated to other hypervisors in the cluster. When the first hypervisor failure occurs, all of the hosted virtual servers appear offline to users as they are moved to another host.
What feature should the administrator have implemented to achieve his goal?

A.    Load Balancing
B.    Live Migration
C.    Fault Tolerance
D.    Distributed Resource Scheduling

Answer: C

A company moved to a new building that contains a fully virtualized data center. They purchased a building 10 km away and decide to build a second data center at that location. The new data center will be identical to the first, and applications and services will be mobile between the locations. Which WAN connectivity option would provide both the best performance for virtual server mobility across sites?

A.    MPLS
B.    Dark Fiber
C.    IP
D.    WDM

Answer: B

A small law firm that does not currently have any virtualization technologies implemented has recently merged with another firm of approximately the same size. They are planning to consolidate into a single location. They have decided to virtualize their servers, and they would like to consolidate storage. The current storage utilization is below 60%. The budget will not allow them to purchase an array that matches the capacity of the current storage. However, they cannot justify the application disruption associated with growing storage over time to meet forecasted capacity requirements. Which array feature would meet their requirements?

A.    Virtual Pooling
B.    Virtual Provisioning
C.    Vertical Tiering
D.    Virtual LUN

Answer: B

A customer is determining whether to divest resources into a third-party cloud solution. They are concerned about what will happen should they decide to migrate their data back in-house.
Which contractual agreement defines this scenario?

A.    Service-level agreement
B.    End-user license agreement
C.    Non-binding user contract
D.    Termination agreement

Answer: D

Why is it beneficial to define tier criteria during the data center inventory and data gathering

A.    To define recovery time objectives
B.    To define service-level objectives
C.    To define service-level agreements
D.    To define recovery point objectives

Answer: B

From an IT business layer perspective, what do you gain by consolidating at the application layer?

A.    Reduced transactional storage
B.    Reduced footprint
C.    Inter-array tiering
D.    Increased compute power

Answer: B

Why is it important to identify business objectives prior to planning and designing a virtual infrastructure?

A.    IT objectives are the same as business objectives
B.    IT objectives drive business objectives
C.    IT objectives are linked to business objectives
D.    Business objectives are a higher priority than IT objectives

Answer: C

A customer is determining whether the risk involved in migrating in-house data to a third-party cloud provider is acceptable. Which step should be performed after the initial evaluation of the asset?

A.    Run a full risk assessment
B.    Leverage standards to mitigate risks
C.    Run a second asset evaluation
D.    Deploy the environment

Answer: B

Your customer is primarily concerned with asset discovery and a reconciled view of all infrastructure components and the dependencies between them. Which type of architecture would you recommend?

A.    Change management system
B.    CMDB
C.    Asset management system
D.    Federated CMDB

Answer: D

What can the consumer manage and control when subscribing to cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)?

A.    OS settings
B.    Network settings
C.    Application settings
D.    API module

Answer: C

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