2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (31-40)

Which two governing bodies focus on developing cloud standards?

A.    ISO, CSA
B.    NIST, (ISC)2

Answer: C

A company is planning an image-based backup solution for their virtual server environment, and would like to continue to use their existing backup software. Which software feature is critical to reducing the amount of data that is backed up?

A.    File-level snapshot
B.    Open file plug-in
C.    Deduplication
D.    Changed file tracking

Answer: C

Which properties define a cloud environment?

A.    Self-service, dedicated leased services in-house
B.    Dedicated, but privatized, virtualized data center technologies in-house
C.    Power, connectivity, physical security
D.    Self-service, Internet served computing, shared resources, pay as you use

Answer: D

What cloud characteristic provides computing resources that facilitate multiple consumers using a multi-tenant model, with different physical and virtual components that are dynamically assigned and reassigned based on demand?

A.    On-demand self-service
B.    Resource pooling
C.    Rapid elasticity
D.    Measured service

Answer: B

Questions such as “How would you classify the sensitivity of your data?” and “What is the value of this application data?” are examples of which kind of sample risk score questions?

A.    Management
B.    Business
C.    Information security
D.    Disaster recovery

Answer: B

A customer has three VMware ESX hosts in a cluster. They need to configure the virtual guest servers to restart automatically on an alternate host if the original host becomes unavailable.
Which service should be configured on the cluster?

A.    Resource Pooling
B.    Live Migration
C.    Load Balancing
D.    High Availability

Answer: D

In an attempt to save money, the IT department of a midsize company is identifying opportunities for consolidation. What are three valid approaches they could take?

A.    Cloud application services, VDC, VMware
B.    Commoditized hardware and software, outsource backups, isolate client groups
C.    VDC, cloud, services
D.    Services, servers, modular hardware

Answer: C

The corporate data center has role segregation between network, security, and OS/systems
administrators. The OS/system administrators also are responsible for the OSs running on hypervisors, and the hypervisors themselves. The company wants to keep the roles segregated.
Which virtualized switch should they use so that the network administrators can manage the switches without logging in to the virtualized environments?

A.    Brocade ED-10000
B.    Third-party virtual switch
C.    VMware vDistributed switch
D.    Basic VMware vSwitch

Answer: B

Your customer is a law firm of about 500 people. They have decided to purchase a storage array. The IT staff wants to implement a converged network instead of the traditional LAN and SAN model. What benefit of FCoE/converged networking can they present to the CTO to obtain approval for implementing this technology?

A.    Increased bandwidth
B.    Improved fault tolerance
C.    Increased distance capabilities
D.    Reduced operational expenses

Answer: D

After virtualizing an x86 server workload, users report that a custom application is performing poorly. You investigate the issue and find that the resources on the host do not appear to be constrained. However, you discover that the application on the guest operating system has an abnormally high number of context switches. What should you do to resolve the issue?

A.    Deploy additional hosts
B.    Move to a Type 2 hypervisor
C.    Use software-assisted virtualization
D.    Turn on hardware virtualization in the BIOS

Answer: D

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