2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (51-60)

An application development team of a stock trading firm requires a very complex testing environment that has to be re-deployed with each code revision. It usually takes a system administrator at least a day to rebuild the environment using imaging software. How would virtualization benefit this firm?

A.    Resource pooling
B.    Simplified provisioning
C.    Measured service
D.    On-demand self-service

Answer: B

A large company has multiple data centers with heterogeneous arrays of various sizes at each site. Some arrays are reaching maximum utilization, and other arrays are underutilized.
Which storage virtualization method would enable them to improve overall utilization across sites?

A.    Flash drive cache tiering
B.    Horizontal storage tiering
C.    Vertical storage tiering
D.    Server-based storage tiering

Answer: B

Why is it possible for Object-based Storage Devices (OSD) to achieve massive scale without significant performance impact?

A.    OSD uses solid state drives exclusively
B.    OSD distributes data management across clustered nodes
C.    Data organization is hierarchical by Object ID (OID)
D.    Data organization is flat by Object ID (OID)

Answer: D

What is a benefit of archiving data to the cloud using Atmos and FMA?

A.    Auto-deletes aging files
B.    Provides elastic object storage
C.    Improves search and index
D.    Accelerates file retrieval speed

Answer: B

Your client is considering server-based storage virtualization. You explain that it is easy to deploy.
What else should you tell them?

A.    Disaster recovery tools are not available
B.    Increased compute power and server utilization will be needed
C.    Complex management tools will be needed
D.    Devices to be virtualized must come from the same array

Answer: B

A midsize company has deployed centralized storage and is currently planning to virtualize their servers. They have considered their application into Tiers, with Tier 1 application requiring the same service and performance levels of the current servers.
They have purchased new, high capacity servers for the virtualized environment and are planning to consolidate several physical servers into a single hypervisor. They are know determining the bandwidth requirements of the application in order to purchase the current number of FCME CNAs for each server.
The results of their analysis for Tier 1 application are as follows:
Average SAN Bandwidth: 3 Gb/s
Average LAN Bandwidth: 2 Gb/s
What is the minimum number of CNAs they would need to install an each server to meet the bandwidth required for the Tier 1 application while providing CAN redundancy and high availability?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

What are three attributes of a cloud services design?

A.    Web-based APIs, shared resources, minimal capital expenditures
B.    Static service, fixed priced access, improved economics
C.    Accessed via a web portal, self-service, throttled access
D.    Dedicated resources, usage-based pricing, web-based APIs

Answer: A

What would you identify as a business application in applying IT as a Service to IT processions?

A.    Defined workflow request processes
B.    Funded as a cost center
C.    Virtual data center best practices
D.    SLA-driven management

Answer: A

A development organization uses a PaaS service from a public cloud to develop and test an application. Once sending and verification are complete, the development team discovers that the cloud services uses proprietary software in the PaaS clustering mailing and deployment of the application within their production data center imposition without significant application records.
What this type of lock-in called?

A.    Geographical lock-in
B.    Technology lock-in
C.    Cloud lock-in
D.    Vendor lock-in

Answer: D

When applying compliance principles to your company’s VDC and cloud architectures, how should you approach your information life cycle management strategy?

A.    Data of reset
B.    Archival and offsite storage
C.    Production and backup
D.    Inception to completion

Answer: B

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