2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (61-70)

A customer has implemented a Vblock solution in their primary data centre. They are using a single management tool set to configure and provisions the computer, network, and storage resources within the Vblock. Which management tool are they using?

A.    EMC ControlCenter
B.    EMC Unisphere
C.    EMC United Infrastructure Manager
D.    VMware vCenter

Answer: C

Which two capacity management objectives often conflict with each other?

A.    Manageability and redundancy
B.    Availability and security
C.    Compliance and efficiency
D.    Efficiency and availability

Answer: D

A large enterprise has virtualized heavily and is in the process of implementing configuration management in the virtual infrastructure. One thing that causes a large number of incidents is the movement of virtual guest between physical hosts while maintaining network configuration and security configuration consistency. Which feature should they implement to ensure consistency of network configuration and security while maintaining virtual machine mobility?

A.    Virtual switches
B.    VLAN tagging
C.    Distributed virtual switches
D.    Port grouping

Answer: C

What caching technique does VPLEX use to ensure that the new write operation take advantage of underlying disk array functionality?

A.    Write-back
B.    Write-through
C.    Flush-on-idle
D.    Cache mirroring

Answer: D

Which consolidation approach involves consolidating by cross departmental needs or requirements?

A.    Cloud
B.    Services
C.    VDC
D.    Application

Answer: A

When using logging to maintain server security, which is the key element for intrusion detection and should be contained the server logs?

A.    Vulnerability scan that identifies susceptible services that are active on the server.
B.    Results of penetration testing through uncover problem probable weaknesses.
C.    An entry for each application transaction with details of the organization.
D.    Alerts to suspicious activities that require further investigation.

Answer: D

What is a key VDC and cloud planning consideration for IT governance?

A.    Change management
B.    Regulations
C.    Separation of duties
D.    Creating trust zones

Answer: B

A company has distributed infrastructure model where each remote office has its own site specific and application servers. These remote offices are all connected to a central data through lines that have a limited amount of bandwidth. The hardware is aging, and the lines will be ending soon. The company’s overall objective is to reduce the number of servers at each location to one physical server. What is the business driver to Virtualize these systems?

A.    Broad network access
B.    Consolidation
C.    Improved productivity
D.    Operational flexibility

Answer: B

A hypervisor running virtual servers fails with an unrecoverable error and at virtual server are restarted on another hypervisor. When the application restarts, some data has been lost.
Which type of consistency does this situation represent?

A.    Crash consistency
B.    Full consistency
C.    Eventual consistency
D.    Application consistency

Answer: C

To ensure cost and resource efficiency, your customer is concerned with the configuration management of their IT infrastructure. Within a service management system, what would contain the most current information about each component of an IT infrastructure?

A.    CMDB
B.    Configuration CMDB
C.    Fed elated CMDB
D.    Asset management system

Answer: A

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