2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (71-80)

What error accounts for 99% of the reasons why recovery and availability fail?

A.    Failures in automation scripts
B.    Configuration drift
C.    Failure to test for corrupted Backups
D.    Environmental issues

Answer: B

A customer wants to implement a service to provide their virtual server infrastructure the ability to dynamically migrate virtual machines from on physical host to another physical host.
Which server should they implement?

A.    Distributed Switching
B.    Resource Pooling
C.    High Availability
D.    Live Migrate

Answer: D

A large enterprise has introduced virtualization into a data center. During live Mitigation, several virtual hosts have recognized lost cluster heartbeats and network performance degradation.
Which solution should be implemented to immediate the solution?

A.    Implement load balance on the HBA to improve overall host performance
B.    Implement isolated VLAs to separate management control traffic from production traffic
C.    Implement load balancing on the NICs to improve overall host performance
D.    Implement a distributed virtual switch to separate the data plane from the control plane on the NIC

Answer: D

What is a key business driver for automation in the virtualized data center?

A.    Service-level agreements
B.    Service metric reporting
C.    Change management policy
D.    Technology integration

Answer: A

Your customer is considering upgrade their network to a converged network that would handle their network traffic, storage traffic, and voice traffic. What are the two benefits when considering a converged network?

A.    Infrastructure cost reduction and security increase
B.    Performance increase and management reduction
C.    Security and performance increase
D.    Infrastructure and operational cost reduction

Answer: D

A customer has to improve a test/dev environment infrastructure as quickly as possible, not within weeks or months. They also have limited resources available.
Considering their timeline, what type of infrastructure would they most likely have to choose?

A.    Cloud
B.    International virtualized environment with shared resources
C.    Internal VDC with automation
D.    VDG

Answer: A

Which feature allows for the maximum utilization of the I/O and bandwidth available in the network infrastructure?

A.    VLAN tagging
B.    VLAN grouping
C.    Port grouping
D.    Oversubscription

Answer: D

What are the two common factors that drive a company to institute a company-wide compliance program?

A.    Execute mandate, private breaches
B.    Regulations, security breaches
C.    Security breaches, privacy breaches
D.    Migrating data to Virtualize data center, security breaches

Answer: B

A small law firm that does not currently have any virtualization technologies implemented has currently merged with another firm of approximately the same size. They are planning to consolidate into a single location. They have decided to virtualize their servers. They would like to consolidate storage but they are concerned about meeting performance of the different applications on a single storage array.
Which storage array feature should be considered to meet their performance requirements?

A.    Virtual LUNs
B.    Virtual Pooling
C.    Virtual Provisioning
D.    Vertical tiering

Answer: D

Which storage requirement would be met with the implementation of traditional (thick)

A.    High availability
B.    Energy end capital savings
C.    Space efficiency
D.    Microseconds of performance

Answer: D

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