2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (81-90)

Which contractual agreement represents the legal contract with a service provider?

A.    Service level agreement
B.    Non-binding user contract
C.    Terms of service
D.    End-user license agreement

Answer: A

An administrator is managing a virtualized environment that has limited available physical NICs on the hyper host. The hypervisor hosts physical switch ports are configured for VLAN tagging. A new application is being deployed that will need to be on a new subnet.
What should the administrator implement to provide this new subnet for the application servers in the least amount of time?

A.    Add ports to an existing port group
B.    Add virtual switch to the hypervisor host
C.    Add a new port group with an individual VLAN
D.    Add network cards to the hypervisor host

Answer: B

A company is planning the backup strategy for their virtual machine environment. They are considering migrating to an image based backup model.
Where image-based backup would be processed in the environment?

A.    On the virtual server
B.    On a separate host
C.    On the SAN
D.    On the storage array

Answer: C

A midsize company has deployed centralized storage and is currently planning to virtualize their servers. They have considered their application into Tiers, with Tier 1 application requiring the same service and performance levels of the current servers.
They have purchased new, high capacity servers for the virtualized environment and are planning to consolidate several physical servers into a single hypervisor. They are know determining the bandwidth requirements of the application in order to purchase the current number of FCME CNAs for each server.
The results of their analysis for Tier 1 application are as follows:
Average SAN Bandwidth: 3 Gb/s
Average LAN Bandwidth: 2 Gb/s
What is the minimum number of CNAs they would need to install an each server to meet the bandwidth required for the Tier 1 application while providing CAN redundancy and high availability?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

What is the definition of “cloud services”?

A.    Shared applications, storage, and solutions accessed by a multi-tenant user base.
B.    Access consumed in real time via internet services.
C.    Business applications and real storage provided by and access through public internet services.
D.    Consumer and business products, services, and solution delivered and consumed in real time over the internet.

Answer: A

In the CAP Theorem, what is Partitioning?

A.    Ability to maintain ACID properties or transactions
B.    Ability to respond to all requests successfully
C.    Ability to maintain BASE properties or transactions
D.    Ability to handle lost network connectivity gracefully

Answer: D

A VDC environment is to be deployed with several virtual machines (VMs). The data stores for the VMs will be hosted on a storage array-based local replication that has been proposed as the BC/DR solution. Restore granularity is at the individual VM level.
What is the optimal data layout to meet this requirement?

A.    Individual LUNs for each virtual disk
B.    All virtual disks on the boot LUN of the physical disks
C.    Individual LUNS for each VMS virtual disk
D.    Single large LUN for all VM virtual disks

Answer: C

A large banking customer has decided to move from a physical to virtual environment. They have been the long processes of gathering data from a storage perspective, what is something they could implement in the near term to help them transform to a virtual environment?

A.    Private cloud federation
B.    Cross-platform power and data center management
C.    Thin provisioning and data deduplication
D.    Provide client-aware services

Answer: B

Which WAN connectivity solution provides the same security options utilized in a local area network (VLAN)?

A.    IP
B.    MPLS
C.    WDM
D.    Dark Fiber

Answer: D

An organization is establishing a second data center and needs to have high speed, low latency LAN and SAN connectivity between the two sites. They are only able to obtain two standards of dark fiber due to the cost. Which technology will allow them to fulfill their requirements?

A.    FCoE
B.    MPLS
C.    DWDM
D.    FCIP

Answer: D

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