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Which two statements are true about the share value for a virtual machine after it has been added to a resource pool? (Choose two.)

A.    If a previously defined custom share value exists, the totals shares in the pool should be evaluated to
maintain the expected performance.
B.    If a previously defined custom share value exists, the %Shares value will automatically be adjusted
relative to the total number of shares in the pool.
C.    If a previously defined share level (high, medium, low) exists, the %Shares value is changed to Custom
and the previous value is retained.
D.    If there are no other objects in the pool the share value is irrelevant.

Answer: AD

The storage administrator has recommended testing the performance benefits of jumbo frames and enabled jumbo frames on the storage array. The VMware administrator has enabled jumbo frames on the VMkernel port used for the software iSCSI initiator.
What other two components must be modified to enable jumbo frames support for the software iSCSI initiator? (Choose two.)

A.    The physical switch
B.    The port group
C.    The software initiator
D.    The virtual switch

Answer: AD

If you create a custom role and do not assign privileges what system-defined privileges are added? (Choose two.)

A.    System.Anonymous
B.    System.Read
C.    System.Write
D.    System.Administrator

Answer: AB
51/index.jsp? B68F-AE66D3D6C663.html

Assuming that VLANs are not configured, what is true about traffic from a virtual machine connected to a port group on a vSphere Standard Switch with no uplinks?

A.    The virtual switch will drop the packets if no uplink is present.
B.    Virtual machines on any vSphere Standard Switch on the same ESXi host can receive the traffic.
C.    Virtual machines in any port group on the virtual switch can monitor all of the traffic.
D.    vMotion will not migrate any Virtual machines connected to a port group on the virtual switch.

Answer: D
Explanation: (page 22, bulleted # 9)

What function does Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) provide?

A.    The ability to enable Fault Tolerance on virtual machines that are not members of a cluster.
B.    The ability to use vMotion to migrate virtual machines between ESXi hosts with different CPU vendors.
C.    The ability to replace manual CPU identification masks with an automated process managed by the cluster.
D.    The ability to use vMotion to migrate virtual machines between hosts with identical CPUs but different
vSphere versions.

Answer: C

What is the default VFAT scratch partition size for ESXi 5.x when installed on a USB drive?

A.    600MB
B.    544MB
C.    4GB
D.    none

Answer: D
Explanation: (see bulleted #3)

Click the Exhibit button. Users are having difficulty accessing a Web server since a new Web application was configured in a virtual machine running on The web server has been assigned 1 vCPU. The vSphere Client reports the error shown in the exhibit. DRS is set to fully automated mode, but the problem has not resolved.

Which action can resolve the issue?

A.    Set a CPU reservation for the web server VM.
B.    Manually move the Virtual Machine using high priority vMotion.
C.    Configure the DRS Migration Threshold to Aggressive.
D.    Set CPU affinity for the virtual machine.

Answer: A

Users are complaining that they cannot access their files on a file server virtual machine. The vSphere Client shows that a triggered alarm stating disk latency is beyond the default threshold for the datastore where the file server virtual machine is located. The path selection policy has
been set by the ESXi host to Fixed with default path settings.
Which two options could be used to increase performance of the file server virtual machine? (Choose two.)

A.    Use disk shares to increase the priority for the datastore housing the file server virtual machine.
B.    Use vMotion to reloacte the VM to an ESXi host with loser HBA saturation.
C.    Change the path selection policy to Round Robin.
D.    Change the path selection policy to Most Recently Used (MRU).

Answer: BC
To increase the performance of the file server virtual machine, you can use vMotion to relocate VM to an ESXi host with loser HBA saturation. You also need to change the path selection policy to round robin.

An administrator uses VMware Data Recovery to make backups of virtual machines. Checking on the backup jobs that were run the previous evening, the administrator notices that some jobs completed but that other jobs did not.
What are two possible causes for the failure? (Choose two.)

A.    The deduplication store had 400GB of available space before the start of the affected jobs.
B.    Eight backup jobs were running simultaneously, causing new jobs to fail to start.
C.    The backup window was not open long enough to retrieve all of the changed blocks.
D.    CPU utilization on the VDR appliance exceeded 90% before one or more jobs executed.

Answer: BC

An administrator is responsible for enabling file access for desktop users. Many users have complained that they cannot access their files. An alert in the vSphere Client states that the storage connectivity alarm for all hosts has been triggered. The storage screen indicates that everything is connected, but the triggered alert has not been acknowledged.
Which action will correct the user access problem?

A.    Rescan the storage on the file-sharing virtual machine on which the users are seeing the problem.
B.    Reconnect the storage containing the user files to all hosts in the cluster, then Refresh datastores on
all hosts in the cluster.
C.    Tell each user to reboot their computer.
D.    Reconnect the storage containing the user files to all hosts in the cluster, then Rescan datastores on
all hosts in the cluster.

Answer: D

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