PMI-001 Q&A – Section 6: Quality Management (51-60)

Section 6: Quality Management

A new software development project is in progress and the project manager is working with the quality assurance department. They want to improve everyone’s confidence that the project will satisfy the quality standards. Which of the following MUST they have before they start this process?
A. Completed checklists
B. A quality control plan
C. Results of quality control measurements
D. Rework
Answer: C

The only choice listed that makes sense and is an official input to Perform Quality Assurance is choice C.
This question is similar to others in this program but not exactly the same. You may also see this occur on your exam. Carefully read the questions!

During the completion of the project work, a project manager wants to ensure that the quality of the end product is acceptable. The BEST way to do this is by:
A. Checking quality against the standards set in the quality management plan.
B. Identifying the quality standards you want the end product to meet.
C. Performing cost-benefit analysis.
D. Determining the cause of a problem using a fishbone diagram.
Answer: A
Did you notice the situation is occuring during completion of project work? Choices B and C occur earlier.
Choice D does not deal with the quality of the end product of the project, it deals with quality problems that arise.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 280

A project manager has just taken over the project from another project manager during the executing process group. The previous project manager created a project budget, determined communications requirements, and went on to complete work packages. What should the new project manager do NEXT?
A. Coordinate completion of work packages.
B. Identify quality standards.
C. Begin the Identify Risk process.
D. Execute the project management plan.
Answer: B
Performance of work packages (choice A) is done after project planning. Since the previous project manager did not finish planning, choice D should not be next. Identify Risks (choice C) sounds like a good choice, however, identifying quality standards (choice B) occurs before the Identify Risks process. The best answer is B.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 280

A project is facing a major change to its project deliverables. If the project manager is involved in determining which quality standards are relevant to the change, the project manager must be involved in:
A. Quality management.
B. Perform Quality Assurance.
C. Plan Quality.
D. Perform Quality Control.
Answer: C
Although quality planning usually occurs during project planning, sometimes we need to go back to planning from other processes to make a decision.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 280

You are the program level manager with several project activities underway. In the executing process group, you begin to become concerned about the accuracy of progress reports from the projects. What would BEST support your opinion that there is a problem?
A. Quality audits
B. Risk quantification reports
C. Regression analysis
D. Monte Carlo analysis
Answer: A
Quality audits are a necessary part of the Perform Quality Assurance process, to improve project performance quality.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 281

During project executing, a project team member informs the project manager that based on her observations, the project cannot meet the quality standards set for it. The project manager meets with all parties concerned to analyze the situation. Which part of the quality management process is the project manager involved in?
A. Perform Quality Assurance
B. Quality Analysis
C. Perform Quality Control
D. Plan Quality
Answer: A
The team should reevaluate whether the quality standards are valid. This is part of the Perform Quality Assurance process.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 281

A project manager takes over an existing project, only to find that there are no quality standards. What part of the quality process should the project manager be in?
A. Plan Quality
B. Perform Quality Assurance
C. Quality Analysis
D. Perform Quality Control
Answer: A
Determining what standards to use is part of the Plan Quality process. Don’t get fooled because this situation is occurring during project executing.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 280

By policy, the project management office regularly evaluates project performance. This is done in order to ensure standards are being followed. This is an example of:
A. Plan Quality.
B. Perform Quality Assurance.
C. Perform Quality Control.
D. Quality Management.
Answer: B

Any instance where there is an evaluation of the quality standards is part of Perform Quality Assurance.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 281

A project is considered out of control and the previous project manager has quit. You are assigned as the new project manager and have been asked to verify the quality level of the project and to recommend corrective action. What do you do FIRST?
A. Review the project management plan.
B. Meet with the team.
C. Draw a control chart.
D. Create a risk mitigation plan.
Answer: C
The question could be read as “What do you do first to deal with this situation?” You might do choices A, B, or C when first assigned as project manager, but only creating a control chart (choice C) deals with the problem presented.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 278

The project has had a major defect, and the project manager has involved the project team and process engineers in analyzing the situation. One of the group says that the real fault is the age of the equipment.
Another says it is the lack of material of the correct quality. To address the root of the problem, the project manager decides to use an Ishikawa diagram. Which of the following BEST describes the part of the quality management process in which the group is involved in this situation?
A. Quality Analysis
B. Perform Quality Assurance
C. Perform Quality Control
D. Plan Quality
Answer: C
The group is analyzing an actual defect. They must be in the Perform Quality Control.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 282

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