2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (1-10)

A customer has asked you to develop a framework for assuming that the cloud Part of this will resume an assessment development. Where should you lock first for assessment criteria and technologies?

A.    International standards
B.    Internal IT development
C.    Company metadata
D.    Industry best practices

Answer: D

What is its approach to addressing performance issues during the Virtualize phrase of the cloud
maturity mode?

A.    Selective
B.    Investigative
C.    Proactive
D.    Reactive

Answer: D

Your client is considering a virtualized data center (VDC) as an investment in process improvement. A VDC can improve the delivery of which business process?

A.    Auditing
B.    Business continuity / disaster recovery
C.    Compliance
D.    Capacity planning / management

Answer: D

A company has distributed infrastructure model where each remote office has its own site specific and application servers. These remote offices are all connected to a central data through lines that have a limited amount of bandwidth. The hardware is aging, and the lines will be ending soon. The company’s overall objective is to reduce the number of servers at each location to one physical server. What is the business driver to Virtualize these systems?

A.    Broad network access
B.    Consolidation
C.    Improved productivity
D.    Operational flexibility

Answer: B

The CIO has asked you to review the status of your company’s cloud deployment and validates that the implementation has entered the IT-as-a-Service phase. Which capability must be in place to transmitting to this phase?

A.    Self-service
B.    Policy-driven automation
C.    Chargeback
D.    Zero-touch Infrastructure

Answer: B

What is a key benefit to consumers of cloud services?

A.    Start with minimal capital expenditure
B.    Dedicated SAN access to applications
C.    Requires extensive IT skills
D.    No operational expenditure

Answer: A

What is a key attribute of cloud services?

A.    Manual provisioning
B.    Full pre-allocation
C.    Self-service
D.    Automatic content creation

Answer: C

Which services are typically offered by cloud service providers?

A.    Bundled storage, applications, operating systems
B.    Operating environment, virtualization, applications
C.    Software, platform, infrastructure
D.    Compute, storage, connectivity

Answer: C

Which is an example of vertically scaling a virtual application?

A.    Cluster two database virtual servers on a single physical server
B.    Migrate a database virtual server to a higher-capacity physical server
C.    Migrate a database virtual server to a less-utilized physical server
D.    Cluster two database virtual servers across two physical servers

Answer: B

A company is designing a new database for employee data. The database will store employment age, medical history, education, job history, performance reports, salary, increases and bonuses, and location. The HR department wants to mine the information for patterns of different age groups, pay levels, locations, and so forth. The architect is concerned about some of this data being collected and stored in one central database and who has access to it.
Where should the architect look for definitions on what information is controlled and what technical protections need to be employed?

A.    Scientific research papers
B.    Industry standards
C.    Best practices
D.    Regulations and laws

Answer: D

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