2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (41-50)

Infinite scalability, no boundaries, operational efficiency, self-management, and self-healing are key infrastructure requirements of which type of storage?

A.    Virtualized
B.    Enterprise
C.    Cloud
D.    Commodity

Answer: C

Which EMC product can automatically promote data into a caching tier of Enterprise Flash Drive (EFD) storage to enable rapid access of data that may see infrequent bursts of activity?

B.    Atmos
C.    VNX
D.    FMA

Answer: C

Which statement is true of Atmos?

A.    REST is the only method for storing content
B.    File system access requires FMA
C.    Provides universal access regardless of location
D.    Data is securely isolated via single tenancy

Answer: C

Which type of switch can provide management functions for virtual machine ports?

A.    Distributed virtual switch
B.    Standard virtual switch
C.    Physical switch
D.    Third-party virtual switch

Answer: D

Which method of storage virtualization provides the added benefit of wide striping?

A.    Virtual LUN Migration
B.    Virtual Provisioning
C.    Server-based storage virtualization
D.    Storage tiering

Answer: B

Questions such as “Where is this application hosted?” and “How are support and escalation processes performed for this application?” are examples of which kind of sample score questions when considering utilizing a service provider?

A.    Disaster recovery
B.    Information security
C.    Management
D.    Business
Answer: B

A large enterprise has virtualized heavily in their data center. All virtual machines in the enterprise are built from standardized baseline templates. Based on these image templates, they have set configuration best practices and implementation workflows.
Recently, the company has started to see performance issues on several production-critical virtual guests. In responding to the performance issues, the cause was found to be incorrectly configured vNIC parameters in the virtual guests.
Which service should be implemented to identify deviations in the deployed servers from the baseline templates, and to remediate any such deviations?

A.    Change management reporting
B.    CMDB automation
C.    Policy-driven configuration management
D.    Incident management runbook automation

Answer: C

You are an EMC UIM administrator. You are in discussions with a business unit manager about how they want to create service offerings for their organization. What might you recommend?

A.    Configure zone sets
B.    Use a LAN or SAN boot
C.    Grade the types of network access
D.    Do not grade the types of storage

Answer: D

An administrator is configuring resources for a self-service portal. They have just completed grouping their storage resources into three categories, based on the organization’s corporate structure. Which process did the administrator just complete?

A.    Distribution
B.    Discovery
C.    Grading
D.    Pooling

Answer: C

A large enterprise is in the process of converting to a virtual data center as a first step toward cloud computing. They want the ability to deploy, manage, and decommission infrastructure components in a timely manner to meet their business requirements, with minimal impact to their systems administration staff. What should be implemented?

A.    Centralized resource pooling and management
B.    Configuration management
C.    Self-service request automation
D.    Policy-driven configuration management

Answer: C

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