2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-018 Exam Questions (91-100)

Which design consideration helps reduce risk when data is co-mingled across different business units in a VDC or between companies or between clouds?

A.    Having a formal disk assessment process
B.    Regulations that specify data that can be co-mingled
C.    Creating trust zones
D.    Creating unique login IDs

Answer: B

Why proper sizing of an in-bound network is based on storage virtualization configuration import?

A.    To prevent single points of failure
B.    To prevent impact to IP network performance
C.    To prevent impact to SAN performance
D.    To ensure adequate storage allocation

Answer: C

Which component of a VDI implementation manages the assignments of server-hosted desktops to clients?

A.    Security server
B.    Connector
C.    Resource broker
D.    Transfer server

Answer: C

Which is an example of horizontal scaling a virtual application?

A.    Database virtual server with a standby replica on the same physical server
B.    Web server farm with four virtual servers and one physical server
C.    Database virtual server with a standby replica on another physical server
D.    Web server farm with four virtual servers deployed across four physical servers

Answer: D

A customer has two data centers located within 3 km of each other. They use EMC arrays at one of the data center. They would like to have a consistent view of one or more LUNs.
Which product would you suggest to them?

A.    Atoms
B.    Vblock
D.    VNX

Answer: C

Why is the need for host-based agents a disadvantage in a block storage virtualization environment with on-of band virtualization appliance?

A.    Capacity limitations
B.    Management complexity
C.    Performance concerns
D.    Functional limitations

Answer: C

Which is an example of a hypervisor that does binary translation of sensitive non-virtualized requests but allows for direct execution of user requests?

A.    VMware
B.    Citrix XenServer
C.    Microsoft Hyper V
D.    VMware workstation

Answer: C

A developer has asked you to recommend a Cloud Service Model to run a new home grown application currently in deployment. The application is based upon a programming language that your IT staff has no experience in supporting. Based upon these requirements, which cloud model would you recommend?

A.    WaaS
B.    SaaS
C.    PaaS
D.    IaaS

Answer: C

A customer has a mission-critical application running on a virtual server that must be continuously
available. Which service should they configure to provide automatic failover, no-disruptive failure recovery, and a secondary running copy of the virtual server?

A.    High Availability
B.    Resource Pooling
C.    Fault Tolerance
D.    Live Migration

Answer: C

An administrator is configuring resources for a self service portal. They have just completed their storage infrastructures categories based on performance. Which process did the administrator just complete?

A.    Discovery
B.    Pooling
C.    Distribution

Answer: D

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