2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP2-E48 Dumps

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-E48
Exam Name: Selling Through Curiosity

Why is it harder to keep a conversation going with a customer using closed-ended questions?

A.    The sales person must carry the burden of the conversation after receiving short answers.
B.    Customers tend not to openly discuss their perspectives with salespeople they do not know.
C.    Customers know what they want and do not want.
D.    Conversations need to be fluid.

Answer: A

Which question is closed-ended?

A.    Tell me more.
B.    What do you mean?
C.    Why is that?
D.    Do you sign the check or is there someone else we need to visit?

Answer: D

Your customer says "I have 3 priorities right now all around storage." Based on this customer statement, what is an example of "leading the witness?"

A.    Tell me about your storage priorities.
B.    What has caused storage to be the priority?
C.    Say more about these storage priorities.
D.    Tell me about your priorities around networking.

Answer: D
http://www.trialtheater.com/wordpress/trial-skills/direct-examination/leading-witnesses- during-direct-examination/ (method of answering this question: deduction)

Your customer says "We must change quickly." What are the three points-of-view in this sentence that you should layer?

A.    urgency, scope, and timeline
B.    must, scope, and timeline
C.    must, change, and quickly
D.    priorities, why, and when

Answer: A

Your customer says "My team is frustrated with the implementation." What are the three points-of- view in this sentence that you should layer?

A.    team, feelings, and scope
B.    people, frustration, and workload
C.    team, emotions, and scope
D.    team, frustration, and implementation

Answer: B

What are layering questions designed to do?

A.    Learn more about what customers mean by what they say.
B.    Understand a fact or individual bit of data.
C.    Shorten conversations.
D.    Point to a specific date for the customer’s implementation.

Answer: A

Your customer says, "We must make a change." What is an example of great layering for this statement?

A.    By when do you need to make the change?
B.    Could something cause this project to be put on hold?
C.    Who needs to change?
D.    Tell me more about needing to change.

Answer: C

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