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Which statement about a key performance indicator is true?

A.    It is a qualitative statement that relates to business objectives.
B.    It is a value-based description of a strategic initiative.
C.    It is a quantitative target against which outcomes can be measured.
D.    It is a way to determine strategic requirements to realize corporate vision.

Answer: C

Which option is the difference between chargeback and show back?

A.    In show back, the service user is directly invoiced for the services that are utilized, whereas in chargeback, the IT department is responsible for the cost of services that utilized.
B.    In charge back, the service user is invoiced for and pays for the services that are utilized, where as in chargeback, the services that are utilized are recorded but are not invoiced for.
C.    In show back, the service user is invoiced for and pays for the services that are utilized, where as in chargeback, the services that are utilized are recorded but are not invoiced for.
D.    In charge back, the service user is invoiced for and pays for the services that are utilized, where as in show back, the services are shown to the service user in a catalog, but the service user is not charged for their use.

Answer: A

Which statement describes a risk that is associated with relying on a customer’s IT department?

A.    The timeframe for executing the tasks may be longer than if Cisco or a Partner did this work.
B.    The business unit executive uncovers that the solution required some customization, tailoring, or configuration.
C.    The IT executive takes credit for an activity which Cisco or the Partner should have executed.
D.    The total cost of implementation is lower than you originally anticipated.

Answer: A

Which two steps are within the ITIL Continual Service Improvement (CSI) seven step process for service improvement?

A.    Measuring the ROI
B.    Managing stakeholders
C.    Implementing change
D.    Collecting the data
E.    Reporting to decision makers

Answer: AC

When option is certified as a challenge when trying to determine outcomes for different industry verticals?

A.    Staff reduction in about 10%
B.    An increase at of % n the revenue
C.    Collaboration and pervasive video solutions
D.    Collaboration between geographic ally disperse sales and operations teams

Answer: B

What makes it possible to measure advance progress during Business Transformation?

A.    KPI’s
B.    TCO
C.    ROI
D.    ROCE
E.    WACC

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about the purpose of customer research and analysis? (Choose two.)

A.    They maximize the potential for revenue generation.
B.    They provide a holistic structure for ROI-based business case relevancy.
C.    They enable you to establish the relevance of a business value approach.
D.    They provide focus and efficiency during a time-constrained interview.

Answer: CD

Which two options are actions to realize the solution benefits? (Choose two.)

A.    should take into account the relationship with the stakeholder.
B.    should include actions on the way. plus those already identified
C.    should be measured when the solution is deployed
D.    should focus on measurable results

Answer: AC

Which statement about SWOT analysis is true?

A.    Strengths can be turned into competitive advantage by aligning with opportunities.
B.    Weaknesses most likely can be relieved by higher investment in technology.
C.    Opportunities indicate details of sales situations that the company has within their pipeline.
D.    A threat indicates long-term concerns that the customer should address within a three- year period.

Answer: A

Which two options are reasons why an organization conducts business transformation? (Choose two.)

A.    consumerization
B.    inefficient processes
C.    lack of discipline
D.    reduced profit

Answer: BD

What are two actions to accomplish during the “unfreeze” phase of Lwein’s Model for Change? (Choose Two)

A.    Dispel rumors.
B.    Manage and understand doubts and concerns.
C.    Create the need for change
D.    Anchor the changes into the culture.

Answer: BC

Which tool can determine the lines of business that add value to the customer business?

A.    business capability model.
B.    Porter’s value chain.
C.    stakeholder power grid
D.    PEST analysis.

Answer: B

Which two options are stages of the Benefit Realization Management for realizing benefits? (Choose two.)

A.    accounting.
B.    identification.
C.    roles assignment
D.    monitoring and review.

Answer: AD

Which option is a benefit of participating in quarterly business reviews with customers during a business-led engagement?

A.    Establishes the sales professional in a consultative selling role with the customers.
B.    Provides an opportunity for the sales professional to understand customer use cases.
C.    Establishes the sales professional in a trusted advisor role with the customers.
D.    Provides additional opportunities for the sales professional to sell more products.

Answer: C

What does a company’s profit margin reveal?

A.    the amount of profit upon which corporation tax is payable.
B.    the efficiency of the company.
C.    the total value of the business
D.    the gross income from all business activities.

Answer: A

What are the two recommended steps to managing benefits realization? (Choose two)

A.    Detail the action for achieving each benefit.
B.    Create a stakeholder management grid.
C.    identify each benefit to be decided by the benefits realization proceed.
D.    Create KPIs than relate to each CSF

Answer: BD

Which option is a tool that the sales professional can use to obtain information from peers customers and supervisions to gauge their strength and opportunities for improvement?

A.    Exploratory interviews.
B.    Business conversations.
C.    360-Degree feedback.
D.    Structured surveys

Answer: C

Which activities are recommended to help realize and validate customer value? (Choose two)

A.    Initiate discussions on further opportunities for utilizing technology to generate strategic or operational business outcomes.
B.    Identify business, operational and technology innovation outcomes and tracking
C.    Validate achievement of outcomes with the customer.
D.    Review previous case studies with the customer to show potential value from the proposed technology initiative.
E.    Demonstrate the latest technology innovations to business stakeholders.

Answer: CE

Which two consideration should you take into account when communicating the business outcomes story? (Choose two)

A.    Be aware of the length of your presentation.
B.    Provide a detailed explanation of all technical information.
C.    Keep the meeting time to a minimum.
D.    Know your audience and what is of interest to them.

Answer: AD

Which option describes the activity in the Propose phase of the Cisco integrated Sales process?

A.    Engage customer decision makers
B.    Determined the appropriate solution and services
C.    Understand the business, industry vertical and needs.
D.    Understanding goals, priorities and focus areas.

Answer: B

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