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IP Office has a feature, “Conference Meet Me” which allows users to join or start a specific numbered conference.
Which IP Office Platform does NOT support “Conference Meet Me”?

A.    IP Office 401ng
B.    IP Office 500 Professional
C.    IP Office 403
D.    IP Office 500 Standard

Answer: D

Which IP port does Internet Explorer use to access the ContactStore Web page?

A.    8080
B.    8000
C.    8888
D.    8990

Answer: C

A customer wants to have a simple conference bridge with four permanent bridges set up off of a menu in VoiceMail Pro. The customer also wants each bridge protected with a different static PIN. Where in the setup of this scenario would you enter the PIN?

A.    on the General tab in the menu action
B.    on the General tab for each transfer action
C.    on the Telephone Number field in the IP Office Short Code
D.    in the Properties box for each option in the Touch Tone tab in the menu action

Answer: B

When using Voice Conference Notification in the Conference Center Software, which three options does the participant have when they are called? (Choose three.)

A.    Wait
B.    Accept
C.    Decline
D.    Join later
E.    Participant is unavailable

Answer: BCE

A customer has two IP Office systems connected using Small Community Networking with
centralized voicemail. When calling from one system to another, calls intermittently get one-way audio. Which two are necessary to begin troubleshooting this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    System Status Application
B.    Sniffer trace
C.    IP Office Monitor trace information
D.    Voicemail console trace

Answer: AC

An IP Office telephone user reports that a phone is not ringing for outside calls.
What are three possible reasons why this is happening? (Choose three.)

A.    The IP Office locale is set to “A-Law”.
B.    The phone does not have the user profile logged onto the phone.
C.    The ring volume is too low to hear.
D.    The phone has been set to “Offhook Station”.
E.    The phone is set to “Do Not Disturb”.

Answer: BCE

When tracing a system with the System Monitor program you notice that the Roll Over Log button is grayed out. What is causing this?

A.    You have not set your log preferences.
B.    You have a firewall in place.
C.    You are monitoring the wrong system.
D.    You have paused the screen logging, and are no longer gathering data.

Answer: A

A customer calls and informs you that every time they call voicemail they get a busy signal. The customer sends you the trace shown below:
0ms PRN: Monitor Started IP= IP406 DS 4.0(5) IPOffice_1
1ms PRN: LAW=U PRI=2, BRI=0, ALOG=4, ADSL=0, VCOMP=16, MDM=2, WAN=0
MODU=0 LANM-0, CkSRC=0 VMAIL=0(VER=1 TYP=1) CALLS=39(TOT=20123)
Does the trace show enough information to indicate to the customer where to begin problem resolution and what the problem may be?

A.    Yes, the voicemail is not connected to the system.
B.    Yes, the Auto Attendant is using up all of the voicemail channels.
C.    No, I would need to see a trace of them calling voicemail.
D.    No, I would also need a Debug_View trace of the voicemail.

Answer: A

Which Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options are available in the IP Office?

A.    Disabled, Enabled
B.    Server, Enabled, Client
C.    Server, Disabled, Client, DialIn
D.    Server, Client, Disabled

Answer: C

Which two functions does the System/DSCP parameter serve? (Choose two.)

A.    It is used for voice compression.
B.    It is used to determine which traffic to fragment.
C.    is the value that is used by the IP Office to identify voice traffic for prioritization
D.    It sets the value that is to be used by the IP Office to mark the Type of Service (TOS) field (Diffserv) in the IP header.

Answer: CD

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