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A customer reports that IP Office users cannot access voicemail at certain times. Avaya has requested that the customer reproduce the issue and provide traces.
Which three steps can the customer take to reproduce the reported issue? (Choose three.)

A.    The customer can place test calls into voicemail.
B.    The customer can use the ‘IP Office System Monitor” and VoiceMail Pro debug logs to record system activity.
C.    The customer can use System Monitor to “Call Sync” on all calls in the system.
D.    The customer can reboot the IP Office to see if it resolves the issue.
E.    The customer can record the date and time of the reported issue.

Answer: ABE

Your customer has a single PRI installed on their IP Office system and they are reporting issues dialing out. They are getting dead air and dropped calls.
Which three can be enabled within the System Monitor tool to troubleshoot the issue? Choose three.)

A.    ISDN / Events / Layer 1
B.    ISDN / Packets / Layer 3 send & receive
C.    System / Error
D.    Call / Packets / Line Send
E.    T1 / Line

Answer: ABC

An IP Office solution is sold to a customer who needs to connect two existing sites over their LAN. Which two are required by Avaya to ensure the VoIP connection and calls work properly? (Choose two.)

A.    firewall / filter
B.    network assessment
C.    a separate voice network
D.    static addresses for the IP Office

Answer: BD

Besides Manager, which three are necessary to correctly default an IP Office? (Choose three.)

A.    a 25-pin null modem cable
B.    a computer with a serial port
C.    a 9-pin to 9-pin serial cable
D.    a terminal emulation application
E.    an Ethernet crossover cable connected to LAN port 1

Answer: BCD

Your customer has an IP Office 412 system running version 4.2 where calls at times ring to wrong extension numbers. Which three steps would you take to reproduce or validate the issue? (Choose three.)

A.    Use System Status Application to watch the call progress to verify which extension the call is ringing to and why.
B.    Use System Monitor and the Call / Packet information to follow the call progress to identify the issue.
C.    Use the telephone’s display for the extension that is incorrectly ringing to determine how the call was routed.
D.    Use the Call Status application to watch the call progress to verify how the call is being routed and to what extension it is being directed to.
E.    Use the IP Office Manager application to verify that the VoiceMail call flow is configured correctly.

Answer: ABD

You have a customer who appears to have a bad voice compression module (VCM).
What is the quickest way to determine what type of VCM has been installed in the control unit if everything has been rack mounted?

A.    Use System Status Application.
B.    Use Manager.
C.    Remove the chassis.
D.    Visually inspect the slots on the back of the control unit.

Answer: A

When a call is being received on a SIP trunk and the call does not appear to be presented to the IP Office system, which two options should be checked? (Choose two.)

A.    The SIP trunk URI is set to Use User Data.
B.    The incoming call route must be validated.
C.    The SIP trunk URI is set to the Incoming Caller ID.
D.    The SIP URI is set to Use Authentication Name.

Answer: BC

A user is attempting to forward inbound calls on analog lines directed to their extension to an outside number. Calls continue to ring at the user when forwarding is activated.
What is the cause of the problem?

A.    Allow Analogue Trunk to Trunk Connect is not checked on the Line tab.
B.    Forward Off Net is not enabled on the User field.
C.    Forward Off Net is not checked on the System field.
D.    Forward hunt group Calls is not checked on the User field.

Answer: A

Which three VoiceMail Pro components can be installed from the VoiceMail Pro CD? (Choose three.)

A.    VoiceMail Pro (Full)
B.    Voicemail Lite
C.    VoiceMail Pro (Partial)
D.    ACM Gateway
E.    Embedded Voicemail

Answer: ACD

Which three platforms can use the IP Office Conference Center on the IP Office 4.0 software? (Choose three.)

A.    IP Office Small Edition
B.    IP Office 406v2
C.    IP 500 Standard Edition
D.    IP Office 412
E.    IP Office 401

Answer: BCD

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