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A user (ext.199) reports that the message waiting light will not turn off after listening to a message using the IMS client.
What are three reasons for this happening? (Choose three.)

A.    The Avayafw.bat file has not been installed on the PC .
B.    The user is using Windows XP.
C.    The user’s Outlook profile is set for “Cache Mode”.
D.    Voicemail to e-mail has been enabled for the user.
E.    The user profile has “199” entered as the user name.

Answer: ACE

What are two requirements when installing VoiceMail Pro with IMS? (Choose two.)

A.    a valid, configured, and tested e-mail routing account on the server to be used
B.    a local administrator account on the server to be used
C.    a Lotus Notes e-mail server installed on at least a Windows 2003 Server
D.    a customer’s e-mail server with full administrative access

Answer: AB

When implementing an Avaya IP Office with IP trunks, which two are necessary prior to planning? (Choose two.)

A.    network diagram
B.    network assessment
C.    number of digital lines
D.    network sniff of the local network

Answer: AB

When configuring Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunks with SIP registration on an IP Office system, which two options must be set in the SIP Line configuration form for the trunks to function correctly? (Choose two.)

A.    The In Service field must be enabled.
B.    The IP address must be set on the SIP URI form and needs to match the IP Office LAN interface address.
C.    The primary Authentication Password must be set.
D.    The VoIP Silence Suppression must be enabled.

Answer: AC

What is the minimum prerequisite that an external phone must fulfill to access mobile call control?

A.    support for the ISDN protocol
B.    support for the GSM standard protocol
C.    support for multi-channel capability
D.    support for DTMF capability during a call

Answer: D

A customer wants to use Microsoft Office Outlook contacts to dial out.
What must be installed on the customer’s PCs to accomplish this?

A.    TAPI
B.    MAPI
C.    SMTP
D.    CTI

Answer: A

When using Small Community Networking which two features are part of the basic Small Community Networking functionality and do not require a Small Community Advanced Networking license?

A.    Distributed hunt groups
B.    Hot Desking
C.    Break Out dialing
D.    Hunt group queued announcements

Answer: D

A customer has IMS installed on their network. They have recently .
What is likely the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    The firewall setting lacks exceptions on the server.
B.    The DCOM settings on the client need to be modified.
C.    The IMS client needs to be reinstalled.
D.    VoiceMail Pro needs to be reinstalled.

Answer: AB

A customer who is using IMS wants to set the housekeeping for read messages to be deleted after 5 hours. Where is this set?

A.    IMS Client
B.    IP Office System tab
C.    IMS Administration tool
D.    VoiceMail Pro Server Housekeeping tab

Answer: D

The customer is using VoiceMail Pro and wants to receive notification on their pager for any new message received in their mailbox.
How can you implement this on VoiceMail Pro? (Choose two.)

A.    In VoiceMail Pro, you create a Callback entry point with a Get Mail Action.
B.    In VoiceMail Pro under the User Properties, you enable Outcalling Active.
C.    In VoiceMail Pro under Administration in the System Preferences, you enable Outcalling Active.
D.    In VoiceMail Pro you dial *17 to log into your mailbox, press 6 for Outcalling options, activateOutcalling, and set the number to be notified.

Answer: AD

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