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When using SIP or H.323 trunks and the System Status Application, which three problems can be tested using /? (Choose three.)

A.    round trip delay
B.    receive jitter
C.    receive packet loss
D.    Quality of Service (QoS) value
E.    DSCP QoS value

Answer: ABC

A customer wants to implement the Avaya IP Office solution. They have five analog lines and would like to implement a basic four-port voicemail with an Auto Attendant. They would like to use Phone Manager Pro on four PCs with basic call monitoring using the Compact Business Center application. How many servers will they need to accomplish this?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: A

Which IP port is used by Internet Explorer to access the Conference Center Admin Web page?

A.    8080
B.    8888
C.    8089
D.    8081

Answer: C

A customer is receiving calls to a hunt group and the callers are reporting that they are being forced to wait much longer than VoiceMail Pro reported to them during the queued message.
What is a possible cause for this?

A.    The hunt group has a priority set to 1.
B.    The hunt group has a priority set to 3.
C.    There are two routes going to the hunt group. Each has different priorities set.
D.    Users in the hunt group have inconsistent priority settings. The users with a priority set to 3 are always busy.

Answer: C

Your customer has an IP Office 412 system running version 4.2 where calls at times ring to wrong extension numbers. Which three steps would you take to reproduce or validate the issue? (Choose three.)

A.    Use System Status Application to watch the call progress to verify which extension the call is ringing to and why.
B.    Use System Monitor and the Call / Packet information to follow the call progress to identify the issue.
C.    Use the telephone’s display for the extension that is incorrectly ringing to determine how the call was routed.
D.    Use the Call Status application to watch the call progress to verify how the call is being routed and to what extension it is being directed to.
E.    Use the IP Office Manager application to verify that the VoiceMail call flow is configured correctly.

Answer: ABD

On which signaling protocol is Small Community Networking supported?

A.    QSIG
B.    H.450
C.    IPSec
D.    RIP v 2

Answer: B

A customer has a multiple site setup utilizing Small Community Networking. All remote sites are currently running their own VoiceMail Pro PCs with separate license servers. The customer wants to centralize the voicemail resource to the head office.
Which license key/server is required?

A.    one Feature Key and license at the main site
B.    Feature Keys and license servers running at all sites
C.    one server at the main site with Feature Keys on the remote sites
D.    one Feature Key at the main site with license servers on the remote sites

Answer: A

A customer wants a quick way of putting callers through to the mailbox for hunt group 245
SalesAdmin. They want to be able to put the caller on hold and just dial 123.
Which Short Code should be used to accomplish this?

A.    Telephone Number “SalesAdmin”
Feature VoiceMailCollect
B.    Telephone Number “#SalesAdmin”
Feature VoiceMailCollect
C.    Telephone Number 245
Feature VoiceMailCollect
D.    Telephone Number “SalesAdmin”
Feature VoiceMailDrop

Answer: B

A customer wants to run Web campaigns as a part of their VoiceMail Pro implementation. What must be installed on the VoiceMail Pro server to accomplish this?

A.    Internet Information Server 4.0
B.    Internet Information Server 3.5
C.    Internet Information Server 3.0
D.    Internet Information Server 2.6

Answer: A

When using Small Community Networking which two features require the Small Community Advanced License to function? (Choose two.)

A.    Hot Desking
B.    Hot Desking across the SCN
C.    playing queued announcements
D.    Break Out dialing

Answer: BD

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