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You have a customer who has loop start analog trunks. Their callers report that the line rings much longer than the internal extensions ring. What is a possible cause of this problem?

A.    The line prefix has not been correctly configured.
B.    The Ring Off Maximum settings for the trunks are too high.
C.    Trunks are set for Loop Start ICLID on the IP Office.
D.    The trunk is supplying a long Caller ID string and the Long CLI option has not been checked in Manager.

Answer: C

Which supplementary service signaling method is used over H.323 connections for Small Community Networking?

A.    DCP
B.    QSIG
C.    H.450

Answer: C

You have an Avaya IP 412 Office with the largest supported voice compression modules (VCMs) on the system. What is the maximum number of data channels supported on this system?

A.    20
B.    50
C.    80
D.    100

Answer: D
A customer has changed the TCP port used for VoIP signaling in their third-party firewall and has specified a new port number for use.
Where can this be changed in the IP Office?

A.    VoIP line
B.    System tab/LAN1
C.    not configurable
D.    Gatekeeper settings/SSON value

Answer: D

When installing IP Hardphones, the engineer wants to use the IEEE 802.3af standard to _____.

A.    supply AC voltage to the IP Office
B.    supply power to the IP Hardphones
C.    perform Layer 3 routing for IP Hardphones
D.    filter multicast traffic to the appropriate IP Hardphone

Answer: B

You have been asked by Avaya support to make sure that System Monitor is rolling over its files every hour to isolate a problem.
How would your accomplish this in System Monitor?

A.    File > Log Preferences > Every ‘n’ Hours > Hours Interval = 1
B.    File > Log Preferences > Rollover > Hours = 1
C.    Status > Logging > Every ‘n’ Hours > Hours Interval = 1
D.    Status > Logging > Rollover > Hours = 1

Answer: A

Which two need to be set on the Manager PC to ensure a successful recovery of an IP Office using the DTE port? (Choose two.)

A.    Feature Key Server
B.    a static IP address for the PC
C.    UDP discovery turned on in Manager
D.    correct BootP entry for the IP Office unit in Manager

Answer: BD

Which two applications will give you real-time statistics of what is happening within the IP Office? (Choose two.)

A.    System Status Application
B.    Manager
C.    System Monitor
D.    Application Status

Answer: AC

Which file validates the version of software that is to be loaded into the 4600 Series Telephone set?

A.    bbla0_83.scr
B.    46xxsettings.txt
C.    46xxsettings.scr
D.    46xxupgrade.scr

Answer: D

When using the Mobile Twinning option, calls ringing to your extension are not twinning to the external device that you have set. What are two reasons that would cause the call not to twin? (Choose two.)

A.    The Mobile Twinning license is not available.
B.    The phone is set in the Do Not Disturb state.
C.    The phone is logged in as an agent.
D.    There is no Mobile Twinning feature activation button set on the user.

Answer: AB

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