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Your customer has calls dropping on the second PRI circuit out-bound from the IP Office. Which additional options would you choose within System Monitor to help isolate the problem?

A.    T-1 tab: Channel, Dialer, DSP, CAS and Line
B.    ISDN tab: Layer 1 & 3 Events and Packets
C.    Interface tab: Interface Packets In & Out
D.    H.323 tab: H.245 Send & Receive, CCMS Send & Receive

Answer: B

Which two operating systems are supported by VoiceMail Pro? (Choose two.)

A.    Microsoft Windows 2000
B.    Microsoft Windows XP
C.    Microsoft Windows 98 SE
D.    Microsoft Windows NT

Answer: AB

To manually set up the IP address, default gateway, and the gatekeeper address on an IP
Hardphone, which key combinations, must be used on the dial pad?


Answer: B

A customer has reported a problem with transferring calls from one IP Office user to another IP Office user. Avaya has asked for the problem to be reproduced.
Which three steps can the customer take to reproduce the reported issue? (Choose three.)

A.    Check to see if the problem can be isolated to that phone or to all phones.
B.    Check to see if the problem re-occurs after rebooting the VoiceMail Pro PC .
C.    Determine if a sequence of steps can reproduce the issue.
D.    Use System Status Application (SSA) to trace the call.
E.    Determine if the problem re-occurs after rebooting the IP Office system.

Answer: ACD

When using the Mobile Twinning option, calls ringing to your extension are not twinning to the external device that you have set. What are two reasons that would cause the call not to twin? (Choose two.)

A.    The Mobile Twinning license is not available.
B.    The phone is set in the Do Not Disturb state.
C.    The phone is logged in as an agent.
D.    There is no Mobile Twinning feature activation button set on the user.

Answer: AB

Your customer reports that once a week, they cannot leave messages when calling into voicemail. The system needs to be restarted for it to work. They have an IP500 with VoiceMail Pro. You realize that you must collect some information for analysis.
Which two statements are relevant? (Choose two.)

A.    A debug view level 1 trace of the voicemail system covering from when the problem occurred until it was resolved.
B.    The voicemail server Windows system and application event logs.
C.    A System Monitor trace of the IP Office covering the period before the voicemail returning busy up until when the problem was resolved, with default options and voicemail events enabled.
D.    A System Monitor trace of the IP Office covering the period before the voicemail returning busy up until when the problem was resolved, with default options and voicemail/message recorder enabled.

Answer: BC

Which two activities should be considered when tracing an issue with System Monitor for data gathering? (Choose two.)

A.    The trace should be checked to confirm that it does contain activity for the problem in QUESTION NO.
B.    The filters should be set correctly within the Monitor Application.
C.    The trace should be truncated to only contain the QUESTION NOable activity.
D.    Only the default options should be selected in System Monitor.

Answer: AB

You installed PhoneManager Pro at a customer’s location. The application shows that it is logged in with the PhoneManager Pro. However, the microphone and speaker are not active (grayed out).
Which two would resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    having a valid IP Audio Enabled license
B.    installing the soundcard on the PC
C.    attaching external speakers and microphones
D.    setting the LAN connection for 100 MB, full duplex

Answer: AB

Which application will allow you to check for errors within the IP Office configuration?

A.    System Status Application
B.    Manager
C.    System Monitor
D.    Call Status

Answer: A

When using Voice Conference Notification in the Conference Center Software, which three options does the participant have when they are called? (Choose three.)

A.    Wait
B.    Accept
C.    Decline
D.    Join later
E.    Participant is unavailable

Answer: BCE

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