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Which two need to be set on the Manager PC to ensure a successful recovery of an IP Office using the DTE port? (Choose two.)

A.    Feature Key Server
B.    a static IP address for the PC
C.    UDP discovery turned on in Manager
D.    correct BootP entry for the IP Office unit in Manager

Answer: BD

When installing ContactStore, what are two basic requirements that must be confirmed on the PC prior to loading the software? (Choose two.)

A.    The PC must have 512MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive space or higher.
B.    The PC must be a Pentium III 2GHz, Celeron, or comparable AMD processor.
C.    The PC must have one of the following Windows operating systems: XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 2000 Server, or 2003 Server.
D.    The PC network connection must be able to support 1Gbps transmission speeds.

Answer: AC

A customer with VoiceMail Pro and IMS is planning an upgrade to the VoiceMail Pro. The customer wants to back up their IMS client settings. Which tool is used to back up the IMS user accounts?

A.    Restorereg.bat
B.    Backupreg.bat
C.    Regedit
D.    Vmpro.mdb

Answer: B

A customer has applied Service Pack 2 to all of their Windows XP PCs. What must be done to ensure that the IP Office applications will function properly on those PCs?

A.    Re-install the IP Office applications.
B.    Reboot the IP Office.
C.    Run the AvayaFW.bat file.
D.    Edit the registry for the IP Office applications.

Answer: C

Your customer has calls dropping on the second PRI circuit out-bound from the IP Office. Which additional options would you choose within System Monitor to help isolate the problem?

A.    T-1 tab: Channel, Dialer, DSP, CAS and Line
B.    ISDN tab: Layer 1 & 3 Events and Packets
C.    Interface tab: Interface Packets In & Out
D.    H.323 tab: H.245 Send & Receive, CCMS Send & Receive

Answer: B

What are three valid IP Office licenses? (Choose three.)

A.    Web campaigns
B.    IMS client
C.    Networking Messaging
D.    VM Pro TTS (Generic)
E.    Integrated Messaging

Answer: CDE

When a conference is booked on the Conference Center Software, how many times does it call the participant to join the conference?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    5

Answer: B

When installing IP Hardphones, the engineer wants to use the IEEE 802.3af standard to _____.

A.    supply AC voltage to the IP Office
B.    supply power to the IP Hardphones
C.    perform Layer 3 routing for IP Hardphones
D.    filter multicast traffic to the appropriate IP Hardphone

Answer: B

What are two IMS limitations? (Choose two.)

A.    Clients can only connect using TCP/IP.
B.    IMS will not work on centralized voicemail.
C.    IMS clients are limited by the license server.
D.    IMS can only work with one Exchange Server.

Answer: AD

What information do you need from a customer to be able to reproduce a call park problem? (Choose three.)

A.    accurate description of the problem
B.    a System Monitor trace of the problem
C.    a Network Assessment
D.    the system configuration
E.    information on the phones and lines being used

Answer: ADE

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