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You are considering training the customer’s core Implementation team before starting the business process analysis.
How is the goal of this training different from training in the upcoming phases?

A.    The goal of this training is different because it focuses on the Dynamics Solutions standard flows withoutany consideration of customizations or configurations.

B.    The goal of this training is different because it only focuses on how specific high-level requirements canbe met by Microsoft Dynamics.
C.    The goal of this training is different because it focuses on the business flows that can only be addressed with customizations or configurations.
D.    The goal of this training is different because it is narrowed down and only based on the scoped solution.

Answer: A

The project manager finalized the schedule for the project after the kick-off meeting with the customer.
In the weeks following, the team members requested several changes to some planned activities.
Should the project manager adjust the schedule?

A.    No, after the schedule is finalized it cannot be altered without formal approval of the steering committee.
B.    Yes, the schedule is a living document
C.    Yes, the schedule can still change after being finalized but only during the Tollgate Review meeting.
D.    No, only the Business Decision Maker can still change the agreed upon scheduled dates.

Answer: B

You have conducted a detailed business process analysis.
You are now finalizing requirements gathering and need to document your findings in a key customer facing deliverable.
Which document is best aligned for this purpose?

A.    A Functional Requirements Document that states all the requirements that the customer envisions fortheir future state.
B.    A Functional Design Document that describes how the requirements that the customer envisions for Their future state will be addressed in the solution.
C.    A Project Charter that documents the agreed upon project scope.
D.    A Solution Design Document that presents the proposed solution flow.

Answer: A

You need to provide Business Decision Makers with a document that defines the proposed solution and capabilities being enabled by the solution. What should you do?

A.    Provide the business decision makers all functional design specifications, recorded in a Functional Design Document.
B.    Provide the business decision makers all technical design specifications, recorded in a Technical Design Document.
C.    Provide the business decision makers all solution design specifications, recorded in a Solution Design Document.
D.    Provide the business decision makers all gap design specifications, recorded in a Gap Design Document.

Answer: C

You advise your customer that it is important to start identifying internal resources for the identified project roles.
Which skills are essential for a key user profile? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Basic understanding of business systems
B.    Strong knowledge about the existing business processes and future requirements
C.    Thorough knowledge of an organization’s related technologies
D.    Detailed knowledge of daily transactions

Answer: AB

Your project team is working on a large and complex implementation for a company with globally distributed sites. They have a history of performance issues within their IT solutions due to complicated infrastructure and a large number of users.
What steps would you take to ensure that performance issues are being monitored and pro-actively addressed during the implementation life- cycle? Choose the 3 that apply.

A.    Propose, plan and conduct Performance tuning and optimization as a post go-live activity.
B.    Execute Performance testing before Go-live.
C.    Engage with third party performance specialists through a Performance Review optimization offering.
D.    Propose, plan, and conduct an Architecture Review optimization offering as a post Go-live service.

Answer: ABC

You and your team successfully deployed a Microsoft Dynamics solution at the customer site. Both customer and consulting teams are pleased with the Go-live cutover.
Post Go-live support is complete.
What are the next milestones you need to plan for? Choose the 3 that apply.

A.    Transition of solution to support complete and formal project closure.
B.    Core team training complete and formal project closure.
C.    Obtain complete system acceptance and formal project closure.
D.    Finalize production specification and formal project closure.

Answer: ACD

Your project manager is verifying that all acceptance criteria have been met and confirming that final technical and management reviews of deliverables are complete.
The project manager is also collecting intellectual property and confirming that service plans have been delivered to the customer.
What is your project manager doing?

A.    Preparing for project closure by means of an engagement closure checklist.
B.    Closing a phase by means of a tollgate review document.
C.    Executing a risk assessment by means of a risk register.
D.    Preparing for the upcoming project by means of a Project Charter.

Answer: A

You are planning a project and find that stakeholders often have varying objectives and requirements.
This makes it difficult for you to summarize a plan in a way that all objectives will be identified or known in advance.
Your customer communicates that they expect their business priorities to change.
You are certain that this will be a single site implementation requiring specific features and complex customizations.
Which implementation approach is suitable for the project?

A.    Standard Project Type
B.    Agile Project Project Type
C.    Enterprise Project Type
D.    Rapid Project Project Type

Answer: B

You are about to roll-out a new Microsoft Dynamics implementation with no customizations and very limited data migration.
Which activities should you plan for in the Deployment phase? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Conduct User Training
B.    Finalize Configuration/Setup
C.    Transition to Support
D.    Go-live

Answer: AD

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