EMC E20-661 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E20-661
Exam Name: Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

Your customer is unable to access Data Mover file systems by hostname, but is able to access them by IP address from HostA. HostB can access the Data Mover by hostname and IP address.
What is the cause?

A.    lmhosts is empty
B.    Duplicate IP address
C.    Bad entry in HostA’s hosts file
D.    DNS reverse lookup entry is missing

Answer: C

Which command is used on a UNIX host to display all of the processes that are running?

A.    ps
B.    tail
C.    grep
D.    egrep

Answer: A

A new level of EMCNAS code is now available. Where do you obtain the release notes?

A.    C4 Web Site
B.    CCA Web Site
C.    www.emc.com
D.    Celerra Web Site

Answer: D

Which protocol is designed to synchronize computer clocks over a network?

A.    FTP
B.    NTP
C.    CIFS
D.    DHCP

Answer: B

Which command is used on a Sun host to obtain the Ethernet address of a network adapter?

A.    eth0
B.    NDD
C.    ifconfig
D.    ipconfig

Answer: C

What does an Amber LED flashing 4 times a second indicate about an NS series Data Mover?

A.    Has a fault
B.    Still booting
C.    Running POST
D.    Running BIOS activity

Answer: B

Which command is used to view the current default route on a Data Mover?

A.    server_route
B.    server_ifconfig
C.    server_sysstat
D.    server_ipconfig

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button.
During an NS series installation, when presented with the option to configure "LAN networking". Which configuration will selecting the "Yes" (default) or "No" option allow you to perform?


A.    "Yes" to configure the Control Station and Data Mover internal network
B.    "No" to allow the internal network to be configured by the installation script
C.    "Yes" to configure the Control Station’s network connection to the customer’s network
D.    "Yes" to configure the Control Station’s internal network for communication with Data Mover(s)

Answer: C

You have been engaged to replace an obsolete Celerra Data Mover with a new model. Which web site provides current information on the procedure?

A.    C4
B.    NSG
C.    Primus
D.    NAS Support

Answer: D

Which layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) does the ping utility test?

A.    Physical and Data Link
B.    Network and Transport
C.    Physical, Data Link, and Network
D.    Data Link, Network and Transport

Answer: C

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