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Vendor: Apple
Exam Code: 9L0-511
Exam Name: ACTC 10.6 Recertification

Review the four Apple System Profiler screenshots from a single Mac OS X v10.6 computer, and then answer the question below. What version of EFI firmware is installed on the computer whose profile is shown above?


A.    MP31.006C.B05
B.    1.25f4
C.    68929F4A-E7A4-5A2C-AFA2-F9E3467E872E
D.    01.00.252
E.    BC14
F.    1.3.0

Answer: A

When a user chooses Shut Down from the Apple menu, what process quits all of the user’s open applications and tells the kernel to power down the computer?

A.    init
B.    launched
C.    kernel_task
D.    login window

Answer: D

How do you start up a Mac OS X v10.6 computer in single-user mode?

A.    Type the command reboot -single in Terminal.
B.    Hold down the Command-S keys while the computer restarts.
C.    Hold down the Shift-Option keys while the computer restarts.
D.    Select Single-User Mode in the Startup Disk pane of System Preferences and restart the computer.

Answer: B

Which folder contains items that are started by the launched process when a Mac OS X v10.6 computer starts up?

A.    /etc/launched/
B.    /var/run/launched/
C.    /Library/Extensions/
D.    /System/Library/Launchedaemons/

Answer: B

Which statement describes characteristics of starting up a Mac OS X v10.6 computer in Safe Boot?

A.    To simplify troubleshooting, non-core components of the operating system do not load.
B.    To prevent user access to sensitive system files, Simple Finder loads instead of the standard Finder.
C.    To increase data security, local volumes are mounted with read-only privileges assigned to all standard users.
D.    To increase data security, Firewall and Sharing settings are modified to enable only the minimum set of protocols.

Answer: A

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