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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-S31
Exam Name: Managing Windows and Linux Server Systems

You have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core installation in production use. It is a file server used to store graphics files for a group of graphic artists. You have installed 4TB of new disk space on the server. You need to configure the new disk space for use by the graphic artists. Which utility should you use on this server to partition and format the new disk space?

A.    DiskPart
B.    Server Manager
C.    FDisk
D.    Disk Management

Answer: A

You have a Windows Server 2008 R2 server running as a virtual machine. It serves as an application server for a web-based application. All the web and application data are stored on a separate virtual disk that the server has designated as drive D. Drive D is getting low on disk space. To address this problem you have just added a physical disk. How do you add disk space to drive D?

A.    Add a new disk drive to the host server and use Control Panel > System to add the new disk to drive D
B.    Use Windows Disk Management to create a new virtual disk and expand the volume on drive D
C.    Use your virtualization software to expand the size of the virtual disk. Windows will automatically expand the size of drive D
D.    Use your virtualization software to add a second virtual disk and use the Windows Disk Management tool to expand drive D

Answer: D

Which Linux command-line tool is commonly used to quickly view a server’s disk partitions and space availability?

A.    du
B.    mount
C.    fdisk
D.    df

Answer: D

You have a Windows Server 2008 R2 server. You need to copy data onto the server from an external disk drive using a USB connection. When you plug in the USB cable, the server recognizes the drive but does not assign it a drive letter. Which server utility should you use to assign a drive letter to the USB drive?

A.    Control Panel > System > Removable Drives
B.    Server Manager > Storage > Disk Management
C.    System Manager > Disk Manager > Removable Drives
D.    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Storage

Answer: B

Which types of problems must be resolved with Linux Rescue mode? (Select two.)

A.    a data disk that will not mount
B.    a corrupted boot loader
C.    an unbootable system
D.    loss of network connectivity
E.    a partition that will only mount in read-only mode

Answer: BC

You have been assigned responsibility for a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server. The previous administrator was terminated without notice and is not available for contact. No one in your organization knows the root password for the server. What should you do to recover the root password for this server?

A.    Boot the server into Safe mode.
B.    Log in with the guest account and run the pw-recover command.
C.    Boot the server in single user mode.
D.    Acquire a root recovery disk from Red Hat support.

Answer: C

Your company web server is down. It runs on Red Hat EL. When it boots, the system stops at the "grub>" prompt. No data partitions are accessible. What is most likely the cause of this problem?

A.    The master boot record is missing.
B.    The root disk drive has been removed.
C.    The system cannot find the grub.conf file.
D.    The boot partition is corrupt.

Answer: C

There is a power failure at one of your company’s branch offices. A Red Hat EL server operates at that location to run a critical financial application. Users report that the financial application is not working. When you examine the server, it appears to be up and running but the financial application is not. Further investigation shows that the data volume was corrupted. After repairing the volume, the application still reports that a configuration file is missing. Where do you look to see if the file system repair utility moved some damaged files?

A.    /tmp
B.    /lost+found
C.    /sys/disk
D.    /var

Answer: B

There is a power failure at one of your company’s branch offices. A Red Hat EL server operates at this location to run a critical financial application. Users report that the financial application is not working. When you examine the server, it appears to be up and running but the financial application is not. When you try to start the application, you receive the error message, "Data directory cannot be found." You know that the data for this application is located on a separate disk volume mounted at /var/findata. When you check this directory, it is empty. What is your next step in troubleshooting this problem?

A.    Run the fdisk –scan command at the system console.
B.    Run the chkdsk command at a bash prompt.
C.    Examine the system logs and look for mount errors.
D.    Scan the server’s file system for the missing files.

Answer: C

You have an HP ProLiant DL380 G6 server running Windows Server 2008 R2. The server is configured with five 146GB drives in a hardware-based RAID 5 configuration. You notice that one of the disk drives is showing an amber warning light. When you check the server, you can see no errors indicating disk problems. How can you discover the cause of the amber light?

A.    Access the array configuration utility.
B.    Access the BIOS configuration utility.
C.    Boot into Safe Mode and run a repair on the disk volume.
D.    Reboot the server, press Ctrl-A and run a disk check.

Answer: A

You have a Red Hat EL server. You need to install the Java 1.6 SDK because it is required by an application that will soon be installed on the server. The server is properly registered with the Red Hat Network. Which methods can be used to install the Java software packages? (Select two.)

A.    Use the YUM tool to download and install directly from
B.    Download the Java.1.6.0.exe binary installer and run it on the server.
C.    Launch the auto-install tool in the Kickstart utility.
D.    Download the rpms and install with the rpm -i command.
E.    Use the Software Manager GUI to download and install the software.

Answer: AD

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