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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2180-183
Exam Name: IBM WebSphere Message Broker V7.0, Solution Development

A message flow reads a file, record by record.Based on the content of each record, it will be propagated to one or more output queues.The File Input node has the Transaction property set to yes and all output nodes are configured to be Automatic node has the transaction property set to yes and all output nodes are configured to be automatic In the event that flow execution is interrupted by a hardware failure, which one of the following is true?

A.    Processing will resume at the beginning of the file; previously created messages will be duplicated.
B.    Processing will resume at the beginning of the file; previously created messages will be backed out.
C.    Processing of the file resumes at the last checkpoint; any extraneous messages will have been rolled back.
D.    The file will be deleted or archived depending on the setting of the File Input node; unprocessed records will be missing from the output.

Answer: A

A customer needs to dynamically choose which web service URL to call from a WSDL in the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), based on a company acronym in the input message received by Message Broker.Which node should the solution developer choose when implementing this type of retrieval operation?

A.    EndpointLookup
B.    RegistryLookup
C.    EndpointRetrieval
D.    DatabaseRetrieval

Answer: A

A company has decided to use WebSphere Message Broker to integrate several legacy systems which generate batch files into the company WebSphere MQ backbone.What is the quickest way the developers can accomplish this task?

A.    Build a user defined node.
B.    Create a user defined extension.
C.    Create a program that processes the batch files into WebSphere MQ messages and then send the messages to WebSphere Message Broker for processing.
D.    Use the Record Distribution to WebSphere MQ one-way built-in pattern.

Answer: D

A solution developer needs to help a software company to decide whether to use HTTP nodes or SOAP nodes in developing web services.Which of the following benefits would the solution developer use in support of SOAP nodes over HTTP nodes?

A.    Support for a broker wide listener.
B.    Support for runtime validation against WSDL.
C.    Support for other web service standards, like REST and XML-RPC.
D.    Support for external Web servlet container to provide listener support for a larger number of concurrent
sessions.E.Automatic processing of Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM).

Answer: B

In a message flow, a developer needs to enrich an employee’s record with information from a database.Consider this input message.

Which of the ESQL statements in the response options will produce the following output message?



A.    SET OutputRoot.XMLNSC.Employee.Name[] = (SELECT ITEM E.EmpName from Database.Employee as E where E.EmpNumber = InputBody.Employee.Number);
B.    SET OutputRoot.XMLNSC.Employee.Name[] = (SELECT E.EmpName AS Name from Database.Employee as E where E.EmpNumber = InputBody.Employee.Number);
C.    SET OutputRoot.XMLNSC.Employee = THE(SELECT E.EmpName from Database.Employee as E where E.EmpNumber = InputBody.Employee.Number);
D.    SET OutputRoot.XMLNSC.Employee = THE(SELECT ITEM E.EmpName AS Name from Database.Employee as E where E.EmpNumber = InputBody.Employee.Number);

Answer: A

A large company needs to interface their legacy application with a newly acquired Enterprise Information System (EIS) application called Siebel CRM.Which transport service will the developer use to discover metadata and send requests to the EIS system?

A.    MQ Link for R3
B.    WebSphere Broker Adapters
C.    WebSphere Broker File Transport
D.    WebSphere Business Integration Adapter

Answer: B

Which one of the following advantages does the Enterprise Service Bus deliver over traditional point-to-point solutions?

A.    Scalability
B.    Adaptability
C.    Redundancy
D.    Performance

Answer: B


A developer needs to generate a monotonically increasing sequence number for each message in a given message flow.What is the MOST efficient way to achieve this?

A.    Use the Create Sequence operator of ESQL.
B.    Use the Generate Sequence operator of Java.
C.    Use the Sequence function of an external database.
D.    Use the Sequence node of WebSphere Message Broker.

Answer: D

When a message is received by an Input node in a message flow, the message assembly is created.Which tree or trees are populated when an error free message is received by a FileInput node?

A.    The Message tree only.
B.    The Message tree and Environment tree.
C.    The Message tree and LocalEnvironment tree.
D.    The Message tree, Environment tree, LocalEnvironment tree, and ExceptionList tree.

Answer: C

Which Message Broker artifact type is not analyzed by Impact Analysis?

A.    .esql
B.    .mset
C.    .msgmap
D.    .msgflow

Answer: B

A developer is tasked with designing a message flow, utilizing an XSLTransform node.Which location is searched first by the broker, to determine the name of the style sheet to use?

A.    The LocalEnvironment.
B.    The BAR file overrides.
C.    The XSLTransform node properties.
D.    Inside the message XML data.

Answer: D

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