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Citrix XenServer 5.6 Administration: 1Y0-A24 Exam
1Y0-A24 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 1Y0-A24
Exam Name: Citrix XenServer 5.6 Administration
Q & A: 116 Q&As

1.A network administrator requested that the XenServer administrator of a resource pool
separate virtual machine backup traffic from guest traffic so that virtual machine backup
traffic is routed to an external backup server.
Which action must the XenServer administrator take to complete this task?
A. Create a VLAN for backup traffic
B. Assign QoS on the backup traffic
C. Create an internal network for backup traffic
D. Assign a dedicated interface for the backup traffic
Answer: D

2.To successfully configure Role Based Access Control, an administrator must ensure
that Active Directory servers are______and______.?
(Choose the two correct upturns to complete the sentence)
A. SMB enabled
B. Using LDAP authentication
C. Using Kerberos authentication
D. synchronized with XenServer using NTP
Answer: C,D

3.Scenario: A resource pool contains three XenServer hosts. An administrator is NOT
able to configure the high availability feature.
Which two types of storage are supported by the resource pool? (Choose two)
D. Fibre Channel
Answer: A,B

4.Scenario: Four physical NlCs are accessible to XenServer. Two NICs are currently in
use. An administrator looks at the performance tab and notices that NIC utilization is
approaching maximum bandwidth.
Which can the administrator create to improve performance?
A. Guest VLAN
B. Internal network
C. Bond for management traffic
D. Bond for guest virtual machine traffic
Answer: D

5.Which scenario would t tie appropriate to implement Storage link Gateways in
Xenserver environment?
A. Virtual machines will be deployed through Lab Manager
B. The performance alert and reporting service will be utilized
C. There must be access to native array configuration features
D. Multiple network protocols are used in the utilization environment
Answer: C

6.An administrator has to set up a virtual machine to provide DHCP and PXE roles for
different provisioning services targets running in different VLANs and subnets.
Which two kinds of networks should the administrator add to this virtual machine?
(Choose two)
A.Bonded network with tagged VLAN option
B. Internal network with tagged VLAN option
C. External network with tagged VLAN option
D. Management network with tagged VLAN option
Answer: A,C

7.Scenario: An administrator needs to make a number of CD images available to all of the
virtual machines attached to a physical XenServer host the administrator has a single
NFS export available on which to store these images. The NFS export has following
-ip address
-NFS Export /CDs
Which CU command must the administrator execute to create the storage repository?
A. xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type=user name label=<*example
B. xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type=iso name-label=<*example SR*>
C. xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type= iso name-label=<*example SR*>
D. xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type=user physical-size=7000000 name
label=<* example
SR*> location=**
Answer: C

8.Which two steps must an administrator take to license a host in XenServer Enterprise
Edition? (Choose 2)
A. Specify the Citrix License Server name
B. Add the license file to the Citrix License Server
C. Apply the UC license file using License Manager
D. Apply the XSUC license file using License Manager
Answer: A,B

9.XenServer administrator wishes to move all iSCSI and NFS storage traffic to dedicated
network called storage network
Which two steps must the administrator complete to configure the network interface so
that only iSCSI and NFS storage traffic use the network interface? (Choose two)
A. Add the dedicated storage network to all virtual machines.
B. Replace the primary management interface with the new storage network
C. Ensure that the storage repositories are only routable from storage network IP subnet
D. Assign the dedicated storage network as a secondary management interface within
Answer: C,D

10.Scenario: A XenServer administrator needs to add several new servers to new
recourse pool. A network band is required for general use by the virtual machines with in
the resources pool; all other network functions will be carried out through other physical
The resource pool has just been created, and only the master server currently resides in
the pool.
Which two steps should be taken to create the bind according to best practices?
A. Enable high availability on the resource pool.
B. Join standalone server to the resource pool.
C. Create the bond on the master server before adding servers to the pool.
D. Create the bond on the stand alone servers before joining the resource pool.
Answer: B,C

11.Which scenario would require a XenServer administrator to ensure that the time on the
physical server
hosting a virtual machine and the time on the virtual machine match?
A. A snapshot of the virtual machine will be taken.
B. Migration will be performed on the virtual machine.
C. Workload Balancing will be instated on the virtual machine
D. The virtual machine will be moved from a storage repository.
Answer: C

12.Scenario: A XenServer administrator needs to take a host offline for repair. The
resource pool consists of two servers, but it does NOT have enough available resources
to keep all of the virtual machines running The administrator is NOT allowed to shut down
any virtual machines currently running are the host.
When action must the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario?
A. Export the virtual machines to another resource pod.
B. Add a server to create a heterogeneous resource pool
C. Import a backup of the virtual machines to another resource pool
D. Force the virtual machines to the other server m the resource pool
Answer: C

13.Scenario: A XenServer administrator verify that one of the server in a pool has above
average memory and CPU utilization Upon examining the server, the administrator
noticed that it is running more virtual machines than other servers in the pool. To evenly
distribute virtual machine loads across hosts, the administrator decided to migrate some
of the running virtual machines to other servers with less load, however, when attempting
to migrate the virtual machines, the administrator noticed that migration option is not
available.What is preventing the migrate option from being available to the running virtual
A. XenServer Tools are not installed.
B. World load balancing is not enabled.
C. The virtual machines are running in the host set as the master for the pool.
D. Virtual machines were provisioned using fast cloning instead of full copy.
Answer: A

14.Scenario: An administrator is maintaining 100 virtual machines with the same
application installed. Storage is limited and management has requested server
consolidation to save storage.
Which action must the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario?
A. Convert virtual servers to physical servers to save storage on the SAN.
B. Use Storage link to manage the storage array and only use fast cloning.
C. Use Workload Balancing to maximize the density of the XenServer host.
D. Use Provisioning services to capture a virtual machine and put it into standards mode.
Answer: D

15.Scenario: An administrator needs to duplicate a physical server to a virtualized
environment. The server runs crucial software and CANNOT be powered off.
Which consideration must the administrator take when using XenConvert to accomplish
this task?
A. The physical server must be rebooted prior to imaging it.
B. The physical server will be converted to VHD-format disk image
C. The physical server will be converted to VMDK-format disk image.
D. The hardware of the physical server must be the same as the XenServer host
Answer: B

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