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You are developing queries to fetch data from the CustTable table. CustTable contains a field named City. There is a non-unique cluster index named city Idx in the City field.
You need to fetch data from CustTable in ascending order based on City.
What are three possible SQL statements that achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Select CustTable order by city ASC;
B.    Select CustTable index city;

C.    Select CustTable index cityIdx;
D.    Select city Iron CustTable;
E.    Select CustTable order by city;

Answer: ABC

You write the following X+ +code: (Line numbers are included for reference only.)


You need to handle the deadlock exception and the error exception.
Which code segment should you insert at line 09?

A.    catch(Exception::deadlock)
info(“Exception occurred”);
B.    catch(Exception)
info(“Exception occurred”);
C.    catch(Exception::deadlock)
info(“Exception occurred”);
info(“Exception occurred”);
D.    catch(Exception::deadlock.Exception::error)
info(“Exception occurred”);

Answer: A

You plan to create two tables named Tablel and Table2. Both tables will have a field named CustomerNumber of the string type that has a length of 15. The tables will have a relationship on the CustomerNumber field.
You need to ensure that the string length of CustomerNumber is identical for both tables. The solution must ensure that if any relationships on the CustomerNumber field are added to other tables, the other tables will have the same string length for CustomerNumber.
What should you use?

A.    Aview
B.    An extended data type (EOT)
C.    Aperspective
D.    Amap

Answer: A

You have three tables named Tablel, Table2, and Table3. Table2 and Table3 extend from Tablel.
You define a method on Table2 and you define a field on Tablel.
You need to identify on which tables the field and the method will be available.
Which two options should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    The field will be available on Tablel only.
B.    The field will be available on Tablel, Table2, and Table3.
C.    The method will be available on Table2 and Table3 only.
D.    The method will be available on Table2 only.
E.    The method will be available on Tablel, Table2, and Table3.

Answer: AE

What can you prevent an object from accessingby using a display method authorization?

A.    Data from forms
B.    Data from jobs
C.    Data from reports
D.    Data from tables

Answer: A

You work in a shared development environment. You frequently use private projects.
Which statement accurately describes the private projects?

A.    Changes madeto the objects in the private projects are visible only to the user who creates the projects.
B.    Private projects can have only one version in source control.
C.    Other users can be granted access to the private projects by using security roles.
D.    Private projects are visible only to the user who creates the projects.

Answer: D

You are developing a solution that will delete some records from a specific table.
You need to add a button that has delete logic on a Click event. Users must be prompted for input in the form of Yes or No before executing the delete operation.
What are two possible communication tools you can use to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Warning Boxes
B.    Print, pause
C.    Dialog boxes
D.    Warning Infolog
E.    Error Infolog

Answer: BD

You need to identify the output of the following X- statement:


What should you identify?

A.    3
B.    3
C.    4
D.    3

Answer: C

You are developing X++ code to retrieve data from a table named Tablel.
You need to use a select statement to retrieve only records from Tablel that have related records in a table named Table2.
Which type of join should you use?

A.    Inner
B.    Exists
C.    Outer
D.    Notexists

Answer: C

You are developing X++ code to update multiple records as a single transaction. The records are located in several tables.
You need to ensure that if an update of one of the records falls, none of the records update.
What should you use?

A.    Try and catch
B.    Ttsbegin and ttscommit
C.    Insertrecordset and ttsabort
D.    Forupdate and ttsabort

Answer: B

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