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How many Packet Service Cards are located in a fully loaded Cisco ASR 5000 chassis?

A.    8
B.    14
C.    16
D.    24

Answer: B

Which option is the unique differentiator that sets Cisco ASR 5000 apart from competitors?

A.    seamless interoperability with GGSN
B.    cost-effective evolution to 2G
C.    combines 2G, 3G, and 4G SGSN into the same platform
D.    P2P detection and control

Answer: C

On the Cisco ASR 5000, which three features help to ensure high availability? (Choose three.)

A.    inter-chassis redundancy
B.    online software upgrades are not supported
C.    no single point of failure
D.    virtual memory protects software tasks
E.    terminated tasks have to be manually restarted
F.    no session recovery for common services

Answer: ACD

What is the driving force behind Cisco Unified Carrier Ethernet and mobile backhaul?

A.    reduction in the number of access technologies that require integration into the core
B.    move away from usage of traditional ATM and TDM technologies
C.    support for any access over any media technologies
D.    obsolescence of 2G mobile technologies

Answer: C

Which option is a major concern for service providers in regard to migration to flat IP backhaul?

A.    user plane demands
B.    throughput
C.    throughput,signaling, and latency
D.    data plane capacity

Answer: C

Which bus interconnects RCCs and line cards?

A.    control bus
B.    system management bus
C.    TDM bus
D.    redundancy bus

Answer: D

Which card has the resources to run multiple services?

A.    redundant crossbar card
B.    switch processor I/O card
C.    system management card
D.    packet service card

Answer: D

What is the main function of cluster mode support?

A.    Generate CDR data files for billing systems that do not have a direct billing interface to a
GSN system
B.    Manage the GSS operations
C.    Process and store the information that is received from the GSN system and the records
that the GSS application generates
D.    Enable support for multiple GSS nodes that are clustered to provide high availability and
critical redundancy

Answer: D

What does CDR stand for within the context of GTPP billing?

A.    connection duration record
B.    connection detail record
C.    call duration record
D.    call detail record

Answer: D

Which two are characteristics of the high availability task? (Choose two.)

A.    It is found on the management module only
B.    It is responsible for executing a recovery action for any failure that occurs in the system
C.    It is responsible for maintaining the operational state of tasks in the system
D.    It triggers an event to the RCT subsystem to take corrective action
E.    It is responsible for storing configuration data for the applications that run on the system
F.    It runs only on the active SMC

Answer: CD

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