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The current Cisco comprehensive framework solutions are divided into which three categories? (Choose three.)

A.    Content Security
B.    Cloud Security
C.    Network Security
D.    Access Security
E.    Data Center Security
F.    Internet Security
G.    Advanced Malware Protection

Answer: ACD

In the Cisco future solutions architecture framework, the security solutions are directly built upon which component?

A.    management and intelligence capabilities
B.    Cisco security platforms
C.    third-party applications
D.    security intelligence operations

Answer: B

Which two features are part of site-to-site VPN? (Choose two.)

A.    web email controls
B.    user identity traction
C.    SSL decryption
D.    Snort technology
E.    remote access
F.    seamless connection with Cisco ASA

Answer: EF

Which three solutions are Cisco Secure Access solutions? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Remote-Access VPN
B.    Cisco Identity and Access Control
C.    Cisco Email Security
D.    Cisco Web Security Appliance
E.    Sourcefire Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
F.    Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints
G.    Cisco security appliance
H.    Cisco Security Manager

Answer: ABF

Which four features are provided by the Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows? (Choose four.)

B.    IPsec VPN
C.    Host intrusion prevention system
D.    Presence
E.    MACsec encryption
F.    Antivirus
G.    Personal firewall
H.    Cisco ScanSafe integration

Answer: ABEH

Which two statements about standard clients for wireless, wired, and VPN are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Most clients have wireless and VPN clients integrated already.
B.    Services of integrated clients differ per OS and include wireless clients, IPsec clients, and L2TP and PPTP clients.
C.    Standard clients are easy to manage by a central IT organization.
D.    Android mobile devices include the Cisco IPsec client.
E.    Apple iOS clients do not include the Cisco IPsec client.

Answer: AB

Which integrated technology solution deals with application-centric infrastructures?

A.    Cisco Unified Access
B.    Cisco Security as a Service
C.    Cisco Cyber Threat Defense
D.    Cisco Secure Data Center
E.    Cisco TrustSec

Answer: D

Why do companies need Cisco Cyber Threat Defense?

A.    They have a lack of segmented or differentiated access.
B.    They are inundated with advanced persistent threats.
C.    They need to add and provision servers faster than ever.
D.    They have increased bandwidth needs, and they allow BYOD.
E.    They have an infrastructure of overlapping rule sets, complex inheritance, and oversubscription.
F.    They need cost-effective security management outsourcing.

Answer: B

Why do companies need the quickly scalable Cisco Secure Data Center virtualization and cloud technology solution?

A.    Fifty-six percent of employees who leave a company take private information with them.
B.    Competitors are gaining a 33 percent market share.
C.    Administrators are allowing a growing number of BYOD devices.
D.    Staff is unable to keep up with newer data center technology.
E.    Provisioning time for data centers has decreased from eight weeks to 15 minutes.
F.    Management is expected to decrease IT budgets by 25 percent.

Answer: E

Which statement accurately describes web authentication for secure guest access?

A.    With central web authentication, the WLAN controller serves the web portal.
B.    With central web authentication, Cisco ISE serves the web portal.
C.    With central web authentication, the WLAN controller sends the username and password to Cisco ISE for authentication.
D.    With central web authentication, the WLAN access point sends the username and password to Cisco ISE for authentication.
E.    With local web authentication, the username and password are checked at the WLAN access point.

Answer: B

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