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Which unique feature of TrustSec is used for end-to-end security policy control?

A.    zoning
B.    mapping
C.    masking
D.    tagging

Answer: D

How is a TrustSec tag used with a site-to-site VPN?

A.    by being passed separately along with packet
B.    by being preserved in the GRE/IPsec VPN header
C.    by being marked as a TrustSec packet
D.    by being added to the data packet

Answer: B

What alternative exists for propagating SGTs when network devices do not have hardware support for TrustSec?

A.    SXP
C.    Cisco Discovery Protocol
D.    TrustSec Exchange Protocol

Answer: A

Cisco Threat Defense is based on which product?

A.    Adaptive Security Appliance
B.    Lancope StealthWatch
C.    Plixer Scrutinizer
D.    SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Answer: B

Which type of data and analyses does Cisco Threat Defense collect to establish behavior baselines?

A.    raw
B.    NetFlow
C.    NBAR2
D.    LAN Manager

Answer: B

What should you do to all three planes of the Cisco IOS router?

A.    leave them at the default settings, to provide best functionality
B.    protect them with an antivirus solution
C.    harden them, using Cisco Guide to Harden Cisco IOS Devices
D.    verify them, using the Cisco IOS verification tool

Answer: C

Which type of product is Cisco UCS E140S?

A.    a rack-mount server
B.    a double-wide blade server for Cisco ISR G2
C.    a new module of a Cisco tablet
D.    a single-width blade server for Cisco ISR G2

Answer: D

What is Cisco Cloud Connector?

A.    a specialized hardware appliance, to enable cloud adoption
B.    software on or integrated with Cisco Enterprise routers, to enable or enhance a cloud service
C.    third-party software that is installed on an operating system, to make cloud services work
D.    a virtual appliance

Answer: B

What is Cisco CWS?

A.    a cloud-based web-filtering service
B.    an appliance
C.    a Layer 7 firewall
D.    an IPS solution

Answer: A

Which separate service performs SBC for voice on Cisco ISR and ASR routers?

A.    Cisco ISR G2
B.    Cloud Connector
C.    Cisco UCS Manager
D.    Cisco Unified Border Element

Answer: D

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