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What can replace traditional fixed PSTN lines?

A.    SIP trunks
B.    Internet
C.    modems
D.    VPN trunks

Answer: A

What are the four pillars of the Cisco IWAN solution? (Choose four.)

A.    transport independence
B.    hybrid WAN design
C.    transport dependence
D.    intelligent path control
E.    static routing paths
F.    application optimization
G.    RIPv1
H.    secure connectivity

Answer: ADFH

The primary customer value proposition for Cisco IWAN includes which five options? (Choose five.)

A.    improved application responsiveness over the WAN
B.    efficient utilization of all WAN bandwidth
C.    ability to leverage installed Cisco ISR G2
D.    increased investment protection
E.    improved user experience of public cloud services
F.    consistent IPsec security over any provider transport
G.    automatic configuration and provisioning
H.    increased application performance monitoring

Answer: ABEFH

Which Cisco product must be purchased to use the Cisco IWAN solution?

A.    Cisco ISR G1
B.    Nexus 5000
C.    AX bundle
D.    Cisco ASA

Answer: C

What are the three architectural building blocks of the enterprise WAN? (Choose three.)

A.    regional WAN
B.    MAN
C.    LAN
D.    WAN core
E.    data center interconnect
F.    virtual overlay

Answer: ABD

What is one example of a typical enterprise WAN deployment model?

A.    single or dual MPLS VPN
B.    Frame Relay
C.    VPN
D.    hub and spoke

Answer: A

DMVPN builds tunnels in which two ways? (Choose two.)

A.    statically
B.    randomly
C.    by requiring IKEv2
D.    by using dynamic spoke to spoke
E.    by using multipoint hub to spoke
F.    by using full mesh

Answer: DE

Which option is suited only for private IP network infrastructures?

B.    IPsec
C.    L2TP
D.    FlexVPN

Answer: A

Which option does FlexVPN leverage?

A.    IKEv1
B.    IKEv2
C.    IKEv3
D.    IKEv1 and IKEv2

Answer: B

What is the logical encapsulation of an IP packet when attempting to hide its contents?

A.    package
B.    tunnel
C.    protocol
D.    message

Answer: B

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