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Which three options are issues caused by traditional Industrial Automation and Control Systems architecture? (Choose three.)

A.    diminishing talent pool of related technical expertise
B.    difficulty in procuring IACS devices
C.    limitations of legacy protocols
D.    limits on the number of industrial devices in a cell/area zone
E.    difficulty in delivering device performance data to monitors

Answer: ABC

Which option can Cisco Professional Services help remove from the deployment of Connected Factory?

A.    costs
B.    complexity
C.    steps
D.    dexterity

Answer: B
Section: (none)

Topic 7, Connected Factory Automation

Which two options are IACS applications with prioritized traffic? (Choose two.)

A.    Human Machine Interface
B.    Service Set Identifier
C.    Input / Output
D.    Throughput
E.    Resiliency Ethernet Protocol

Answer: AC

When should you assign VLANs to devices?

A.    when trying to span one VLAN across multiple zones
B.    when traffic patterns fluctuate often
C.    when traffic patterns are known
D.    when consolidating resources

Answer: C

Which option lists traffic prioritization from lowest to highest in a cell/area zones QoS?

A.    voice, video, bulk data, scavenger
B.    scavenger, video, PTP-event, network control
C.    bulk data, network control, video, PTP-event
D.    PTP-event, video, bulk data, voice
E.    bulk data, call signaling, network control, PTP-event

Answer: E
Section: (none)

Topic 8, Connected Factory Wireless

Which two options are features of the Connected Factory Wireless Autonomous Wireless architecture? (Choose two.)

A.    high scalability
B.    limited coordination of operation between APs
C.    individual management
D.    centralized control
E.    support for high amounts of data traffic

Answer: BC

Which three options are industrial zones of the converged industrial networks? (Choose three.)

A.    demilitarized zone
B.    cell/area zone
C.    enterprise zone
D.    data center zone
E.    manufacturing zone

Answer: ABE

Which three options rely on user services in an Industrial Automation Control System? (Choose three.)

A.    human machine interface
B.    safety parameters for predictable shutdown
C.    motion applications
D.    logistics applications
E.    enterprise resource planning applications

Answer: ABC

Which option is the primary purpose for the use of the Purdue Model for Control Hierarchy in designing converged industrial solutions?

A.    Map the seven-Layer Open Systems Interconnection model to the industrial environment.
B.    Provide a framework for the introduction of new technologies into the industrial environment.
C.    Segment devices and equipment into hierarchical functions.
D.    Provide a logical separation of devices for security purposes.
E.    Arrange all industrial devices into a hierarchy of importance.

Answer: C

Which three options are benefits of the Connected Factory solution? (Choose three.)

A.    extensively tested, validated, and well-documented architecture
B.    end-to-end architecture
C.    superior reliability
D.    low-cost, converged industrial network solution
E.    removes the need for a security solution

Answer: ABC

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