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Which three tests can you perform to verify redundancy in the customer environment? (Choose three.)

A.    Verify that all phones are registered to a second subscriber server.
B.    Verify that media resources fail over to a secondary subscriber server when the publisher fails.
C.    Verify that Cisco Unified IP phones running SCCP go into SRST mode when the WAN connection is disconnected.
D.    Verify that HSRP is active on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber servers.
E.    Verify that the H.323 redundant connection is active.
F.    Verify that SCCP fallback is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: ABC

Which symbol is required for globalized call routing?

A.    +
B.    *
C.    %
D.    /
E.    ;

Answer: A

Which three steps configure Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony for SIP phones? (Choose three.)

A.    Configure a phone NTP reference.
B.    Configure an SRST reference.
C.    Configure the SIP registrar.
D.    Configure voice register global dn.
E.    Configure voice register pool.
F.    Configure telephony service.

Answer: BCE

Company X has deployed a VCS Control with a local zone and a traversal client zone.
To facilitate external calls, VCS Expressway is deployed and traversal server zone is set up there. Video endpoints inside Company X have registered but are unable to receive calls from outside endpoints. Which option could be the cause of this issue?

A.    The access control list on the VCS Control must be updated with the IP for the external users.
B.    When a traversal zone is set up on VCS Control only outbound calls are possible.
C.    The local zone on the VCS Control does not have a search rule configured.
D.    The traversal zone on the VCS Control does not have a search rule configured.

Answer: D

When considering Extension Mobility, what happens if a user logs into a phone for which the user does not have a user device profile?

A.    The phone reboots with an error.
B.    If a default device profile for this phone has been configured, it is loaded.
C.    The user cannot log in.
D.    Another user device profile is loaded.

Answer: B

The network administrator at Enterprise X is creating the guidelines for a new IPT deployment consisting of a large number of remote offices. Every user within Enterprise X is assigned a directory number of 5 digits. Which option might cause an issue in a multisite deployment?

A.    Overlapping DID ranges are allocated to each site.
B.    The maximum number of IP phones are in use at each remote site.
C.    MoH cannot be provided for the remote sites.
D.    All media streams are necessarily routed through the central office for calls to establish correctly.

Answer: A

Which three options are supplementary services that are affected by MTP? (Choose three.)

A.    Call Hold
B.    Call Transfer
C.    Call Park
D.    Call Pickup
E.    Speed Dial
F.    Call Back

Answer: ABC

Which two configurable options are available to enable Early Offer for calls over a Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunk? (Choose two.)

A.    No Media Termination Point Required
B.    Media Termination Point Required
C.    Accept Audio Codec Preferences in Received Offer
D.    Early Offer support for voice and video calls Mandatory (insert MTP if needed)
E.    Use Trusted Relay Point

Answer: BD

Which option best describes a service that assembles a network model from configured locations and link data in one or more clusters?

A.    LBM
B.    Weight
C.    LBM Hub
D.    Shadow

Answer: A

In the case of a VCS cluster, which configuration element is recommended for endpoint H.323 registration?

A.    DNS SRV records pointing to the VCS cluster name
B.    static IP addresses
C.    hostname of the VCS cluster configuration master
D.    hostname of the VCS cluster member peer

Answer: A

Which three options are overlapping parameters for roaming when a device is configured for Device Mobility? (Choose three.)

A.    MRGL
B.    location
C.    network locale
D.    codec
E.    extension
F.    device pool

Answer: ABC

Which two options are requirements for deploying an H.323 gateway with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the H.323 gateway must be configured use the same TCP port for H.323 calls.
B.    The H.245TCSTimeout timer must be set to at least 25.
C.    Cisco voicemail ports must be active.
D.    The Media Exchange Interface Capability Timer must be set to less than 20.
E.    The Media Exchange Timer must be set to less than 20.

Answer: AB

In which two locations can you verify that a phone has a standby Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    RTMT
B.    phone menu
C.    Cisco Unified Serviceability
D.    phone webpage

Answer: BD

The administrator at Company X is trying to set up Extension Mobility and has done these steps:

– Set up end users accounts for the users who need to roam
– Set up a device profile for the type of phones users will be allowed to log in

Users have reported to the administrator that they are unable to log in to the phones designated for Extension Mobility. Which two options are the two reasons for this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    The user device profile is not associated to the correct end user.
B.    The username must be numeric only and must match the DN.
C.    The Extension Mobility service has not been enabled under the Cisco Unified Serviceability Page.
D.    Extension Mobility has not been enabled under Enterprise Parameters.
E.    The user must ensure that their main endpoint is online and registered, otherwise they cannot log in elsewhere.

Answer: AC

When configuring a video ISDN gateway, which two actions are requirements for the Cisco Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration? (Choose two.)

A.    Use SIP instead of H.323.
B.    Perform dial string manipulation on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
C.    Use an * (asterisk) at the end of each ISDN number, as a suffix.
D.    Use an ! (exclamation point) at the end of each ISDN number, as a suffix.
E.    Use H.323 instead of SIP.

Answer: AB

Company X has three locations connected via a low bandwidth WAN.
Which two configurations are required in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager regions to provide the most suitable use of bandwidth while preserving the call quality? (Choose two.)

A.    g729 codec for intraregion calling
B.    g722/g711 codec for interregion calling
C.    g729 codec for interregion calling
D.    g722/g711 for intraregion calling
E.    g729 codec for all calling
F.    g722/g711 codec for all calling

Answer: CD

Which two options must be selected in the SIP Trunk Security Profile configuration between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Expressway? (Choose two)

A.    Enable application-level authorization
B.    Accept presence subscription
C.    Accept out-of-dialog refer
D.    Accept unsolicited notification
E.    Accept replaces header
F.    Transmit security status
G.    Allow charging header

Answer: DE

Which two configurations can you perform to allow Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunks to send an offer in the INVITE? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable the Media Termination Point Required option on the SIP trunk.
B.    Enable the Early Offer Support for Voice and Video Calls option on the SIP profile.
C.    Select the Display IE Delivery check box in the gateway configuration.
D.    Select the Enable Inbound FastStart check box on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers.
E.    Select the SRTP Allowed check box on the SIP trunk.
F.    Execute the isdn switch-type primary-ni command globally.

Answer: AB

You are deploying a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution with MGCP gateways at multiple locations. Which firewall and ACL configuration must you perform to allow the MCGP gateways to function correctly?

A.    Allow access to TCP port 2428.
B.    Block TCP port 1720.
C.    Open access to all TCP and UDP ports.
D.    Allow access to TCP port 1720.
E.    Block access to TCP ports 2427 and 2428.

Answer: A

Which device must be accessible from the public Internet in a Collaboration Edge environment?

A.    Expressway-C
B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C.    Cisco IM and P
D.    Expressway-E
E.    VCS Control

Answer: D

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