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Which of the following is NOT provided by AVC?

A.    Deep IM control
B.    Media bandwidth control
C.    Web usage quotas
D.    Safe Search

Answer: C

Which option describes a reason that a security administrator would configure suspect user agent scanning?

A.    to block Microsoft Updates
B.    to identify compromised hosts that are trying "phone home"
C.    to block corporate users from using nonsanctioned web browsers
D.    to protect web servers from attack

Answer: C

How long is reporting data kept on record in WIRe by default?

A.    45 days for both "blocked traffic", and for "allowed traffic"
B.    1 year for "blocked traffic", and 45 days for "allowed traffic"
C.    1 year for both "blocked traffic", and for "allowed traffic"
D.    45 days for "blocked traffic", and 1 year for "allowed traffic"

Answer: A

Which statement is true?

A.    The L4TM allow list overrides the block list.
B.    The overlap of the L4TM allow list and block list is the L4TM grey list
C.    The L4TM block lists override the allow lists.
D.    L4TM allow list and block list overlaps are not permitted.

Answer: A

What are PAC files used for?

A.    user agent-based policies
B.    explicit forward mode proxy deployments
C.    transparent mode proxy deployments
D.    L4TM

Answer: B

When do you need to configure the P1 interface?

A.    whenever you have an upstream proxy
B.    whenever you want to enable the WSA proxy
C.    whenever you intend to deploy the L4TM in blocking mode
D.    whenever you have a separate management VLAN or subnetwork

Answer: D

Which of these is an optional feature, requiring the purchase of a separate license after 30 days?

A.    L4TM
B.    Data Security
C.    HTTPS Proxy
D.    Web Reputation filtering

Answer: C

Which authentication protocol takes precedence by default when WSA uses AD authentication?

B.    Kerberos
C.    NTLMv3
D.    NTLMv2
E.    LDAP

Answer: F

What feature on the WSA provides Day Zero Revocation of access to third party sites such as Salesforce?

A.    Application Visibility and Control
B.    SaaS Access Control
C.    Dynamic Vectoring and Streaming engine
D.    Day Zero Revocation engine

Answer: B

Which of these is a configurable Cisco IOS feature that triggers notifications if an attack attempts to exhaust critical router resources and if preventative controls have been bypassed or are not working correctly?

A.    Control Plane Protection
B.    Management Plane Protection
C.    CPU and memory thresholding
D.    SNMPv3

Answer: A

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