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Which statement about HTTPS decryption on the WSA is true?

A.    Decrypted HTTPS traffic is sent unencrypted across the enterprise intranet.
B.    Object size can be used to determine whether the HTTPS traffic is to be decrypted.
C.    If WBRS is enabled, it can be used to determine whether the HTTPS traffic is to be decrypted
D.    If enabled, all HTTPS traffic must be decrypted.

Answer: C

Which of these is not part of the pre_installation worksheet?

A.    authentication infrastructure
B.    acceptable use policies
C.    S-Series interface settings
D.    deployment options

Answer: A

Which of these is not an action that is associated with HTTPS decryption policies?

A.    Decrypt
B.    Drop
C.    Block
D.    pass-through

Answer: C

Which file characteristic cannot be used in the Cisco IronPort Data Security policies?

A.    filename
B.    file age
C.    file size
D.    file type

Answer: B

Which of these uses ICAP?

A.    Decryption policies
B.    Anti-malware scanning
C.    Data loss prevention policies
D.    Cisco IronPort Data Security policies

Answer: C

Which statement about the S-Series native FTP proxy is not true?

A.    Access policies may apply to native FTP traffic.
B.    Data loss prevention policies may apply to native FTP traffic
C.    Authentication is supported in transparent mode.
D.    Both active and passive mode FTP are supported.
E.    By default, the FTP proxy uses port 8021.

Answer: C

If you want to reset your configuration back to the factory defaults but keep your logs and reports, which CLI command should you use?

A.    Reload
B.    Restoreconfig
C.    Resetconfig
D.    Loadconfig

Answer: C

A single transaction can be scanned in parallel by:

A.    Webroot, Sophos and McAfee
B.    Webroot and Sophos
C.    Sophos and McAfee
D.    None of the above

Answer: B

Which option describes the policies that the security administrator can create using Adaptive Scanning?

A.    to scan all content using all malware and antivirus algorithms
B.    to use specifically designated antivirus scanning engines in designated access policies
C.    to block malware and viruses
D.    to use optimized antivirus weighting and scanning algorithms against content types without administrator configuration

Answer: D
Adaptive Scanning is a new content scanning logic introduced on the Cisco IronPort S- Series. This new security feature greatly increases the catch rate for malware embedded in images, Javascript, text, and Flash files. Adaptive Scanning intelligently selects scanners based on numerous criteria, such as the web reputation score, content type, the scanner catch rate for a given content type, and the scanning cost of a given scanner, resulting in up to 35% higher efficacy in blocking malware.

Which S-Series CLI command can help troubleshoot WCCP?

A.    weep debug enable
B.    show weep
C.    tail accesslogs
D.    tail proxylogs

Answer: D

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