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Which description of the elasticity of a Cloud-based infrastructure is true?

A.    provides dynamic on-demand provisioning of services in near real time
B.    enables sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users
C.    multisite architecture to reduce impact from outages in any one site
D.    provides a security posture that is manageable from a single point of control

Answer: A

Which characteristic is an inoperative attribute of a private Cloud deployment?

A.    self service and on demand
B.    shared by many companies
C.    highly scalable
D.    metered for reporting or billing purposes

Answer: B

Which option is one essential characteristic of Cloud computing?

A.    It must use virtualization.
B.    It must provide load balancing services.
C.    It must provide on-demand self service.
D.    It must run on open source software.

Answer: C

What are the five specific characteristics common to the Cloud environments?

A.    on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, multi-tenancy, measured usage, resiliency
B.    on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, tiered-tenancy, measured usage, resiliency
C.    on-demand usage, autonomous access, multi-tenancy, measured usage, resiliency
D.    dynamic usage, ubiquitous access, multi-tenancy, measured usage, resiliency

Answer: A

Which best describes a SaaS Cloud model?

A.    infrastructure that presents the user with an operating system allowing programming language execution environment for testing database and web servers
B.    infrastructure that virtualizes server functions on a hypervisor
C.    infrastructure that provides elastic storage and computing resources
D.    a platform that provides access to application software or database resources

Answer: D

IaaS is an acronym for what type of Cloud?

A.    Instances as a Service
B.    Infrastructure as a Service
C.    Internet as a Service
D.    Images as a Service

Answer: B

Which API structure does Cisco UCS Manager support?

A.    JSON
B.    XML
C.    RUBY
D.    PERL

Answer: B

Which statement defines Cloud Service Models?

A.    infrastructure as a service, software as a service, platform as a service
B.    internet as a service, software as a service, platform as a service
C.    infrastructure as a service, big data as a service, platform as a service
D.    infrastructure as a service, software as a service, grid as a service

Answer: A

Which best describes a Cloud deployment model that relies on interoperability between Cloud providers?

A.    Hybrid Cloud
B.    Multi-Cloud
C.    InterCloud
D.    Community Cloud

Answer: C

SRIOV provides which of the following?

A.    The host PCI bus is virtualized and these virtual PCIs are directly allocated to each guest
B.    The host HBAs are virtualized and these virtual HBA are directly allocated to each guest for dedicated access
C.    The hypervisor virtualizes the CPUs and PCI bus to provide directly allocated I/O to each guest
D.    The host PCI bus is divided into pinned paths and these virtual paths are directly allocated to each guest for guranteed I/O

Answer: A

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