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You want to set up Prime infrastructure to be notified when a device configuration has changed. Which option is available in prime infrastructure 2.2 ?

A.    Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the device configuration change(s) on regularly scheduled.
B.    Set up prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report immediately after the configuration change is detected
C.    Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report on a regular scheduled basis
D.    Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the configuration change(s) immediately after the configuration change is detected.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit an apple TV is associated to the wireless network wireless attempt to connect to it but they report that cannot discover the apple TV on their devices, what is most likely the root cause?


A.    The mDNS Origin is not set to wireless.
B.    The "Service ID" must be changed to 1 in order to ensure the highest priority for the traffic.
C.    The mDNS Service Provider is not associated to a profile.
D.    The "Service Provider Name" must not include "airplay" on it.

Answer: C

you are deploying a high-density wireless setup in a conference center using Cisco Aironet 3700iAPs as you have no Cisco air not 3700e APs available. The power levels for all the APs should be set between 4 and 5, which configuration option is needed to achieve this goal.?

A.    Select the TPC values between 4 dBm and q dBm
B.    Manually configure the power levels of the 802.11b and 80211a radios of all APs either 4 or 5
C.    Select the tcp values between 4 dBm and dBm
D.    Select the TPC values between 11 dNm and 8 dBm

Answer: B

What two statements are true with regards to the UNII brands? (choose two)

A.    All channels in the UNII-2 band require DFS and TPC
B.    The UNII-3 band provides channel that ate spaced 20 MHz apart
C.    The channels in UNII-3 band require DFS and TPC
D.    The UNII-1band provides 4 non-overlapping channels
E.    Different channels within the UNII-1band have different restrictions including transmit power antenna gain antenna style usage

Answer: AD

In a VoWLAN deployment, what autonomous ISO command should be used to ensure that VoWLAN performance is not adversely impacted by an unexpected channel change resulting from a DFS event triggered by a nearby airport radar system?

A.    ap(config-if)#DFs band 1block
B.    ap(config-if)#DFs band 23 block
C.    ap(config-if)#DFs band 123 block
D.    ap(config-if)#DFs band 13 block
E.    ap(config-if)#DFs band 2 block

Answer: B

Drag and Drop Question
Prime infrastructure allows you to change an alarm status, drag and drop the status on the left correct description on the right.




Which two statement about AP localauthentication by FlexConnect AP in standalone mode are true?(choose two)

A.    Only LEAP,EAP F AST,PEAP and EAP-TLS authentication are supported
B.    Only the vendor certificate authority (CA) certificate has to be downloaded to the Cisco wireless LAN controller for EAP-TLS authentication
C.    Cisco wireless LAN controller must generate a certificate signing request by itself for submitting to a certificate authority for signing.
D.    A flexconnect group must be created so that the cisco wireless LAN Controller can push the certificate to the flexconnect AP in the Flexconnect group.

Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit after the AP mode is changed from local mode to bridge mode the AP cannot register the WLC considering the debug output into the exhibit. Which description of the issue is true?


A.    DTLS is not supported in bridge mode
B.    The AP priority exceeds the number of joining APs
C.    The AP MAC address is not added in the MAC filter list of the WLC
D.    The date and time on the WLC and AP do not match
E.    The AP does not have a valid certificate
F.    The WLC does not have the image for the AP

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the wireless deployment modes on the left to the corresponding roaming descriptions on the right.




If a guest anchor controller is used outside the firewall, which firewall ports must you open for guest access including SNMP and mobility features to work in a Cisco unified wireless network?

A.    UDP 16667. IP Protocol97. UDP 500 501
B.    UDP 16666 .IP Protocol97. UDP 162 163
C.    UDP 12222 .IP Protocol97. UDP 161 162
D.    UDP 16666 . IP Protocol 97. UDP 161 162
E.    UDP 12223 . IP Protocol 97. UDP 161 162

Answer: D

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the Cisco AWID IP DSCP values on the left to its matching traffic type on the right. (Not all options will be used).




Which two statements about deploying a mesh network by MAPs and RAPs are true on AireOS 8.0?(choose two)

A.    The three main types of mesh type under the neighbor information are neighbored,parent and child. For types default neighbor and default child default is used when the neighbor BGN is not known of different from the current AP BGNif the strict matching BGN features is disabled.
B.    The backhaul client access feature cannot be enabled on a RAP that is RAP does not allow clients on its 802.11a radio
C.    To allow relaying traffic to and from the Ethernet port of a MAP,the Ethernet bridging feature must be enabled on the map
D.    A map of rap must be authorized by either PSK or EAP before joining a controller in bridge mode.

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit the wireless clients use VLAN 2150.the WLC Management is on VLAN 2149 and the lAPs use VLAN 2100 wireless clients report that they cannot access multicast routing enabled, which two options must be enabled for the clients to receive multicast video? (Choose two)


A.    MSDP
B.    ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2149
C.    ip igmp snooping
D.    ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2150

Answer: BD

Which two statements about accessing the GUI and CLI of Cisco WlC are true? (choose two)

A.    The feature "Management using dynamic interface" can be configures in CLI only.
B.    The wireless client can access the Cisco WLC only when the option "Enable controller wireless Management to be accessible from Wireless clients is checked".
C.    Wired clients can have only eli access with the dynamic interface of the Cisco WLC while wireless clients have both CLI and GUI access with the dynamic interface when the feature management using dynamic interface is enabled .
D.    The feature “Management using dynamic interface” can be applied to one of the dynamic interface only.

Answer: BD

What is the minimum VMware ESXi version you need to install Cisco prime infrastructure 2.2 virtual appliance?

A.    ESxi 4.1
B.    ESxi 5.0
C.    ESxi 4.0
D.    ESxi 5.5
E.    ESxi 5.1

Answer: B

Drag and Drop Question
You are authenticating users using LWA and ISE guest portal.
Drag and drop the step in the process on the left into the correct order on the right.



During the startup Wizard process on the Cisco 57760 WLC, which two configuration are required within the configuration dialogue to ensure basic network connectivity of the controller to the management network? (choose two)

A.    configuration of the controller Hostname
B.    configuration of the enable secret password
C.    configuration of the network time protocol server
D.    configuration of the GigabitEthernet 0/0 interface
E.    configuration of the wireless management interface

Answer: BE

In which direction does application visibility and controller mark the DSCP value of the original Packet in the wireless LAN controller ?

A.    in one direction ,either upstream or downstream
B.    in one direction, downstream only
C.    in both directron upstream and down stream
D.    in one direction upstream only

Answer: C

Which two sets of ports are used to configure high availability database connection between the primary and secondry Prime infrastructure 2.2? (Choose two)

A.    TCP 1522/UDP 1522
B.    TCP 2705/UDP2705
C.    TCP 162 I UDP 162
D.    TCP 1099/UDP 1099
E.    TCP 8082/UDP 8082

Answer: AE

legacy 802.11b wireless scanners are begin implemented in your autonomous AP deployment Existing modern clients work fine on the same SSIDs, APs, and channelthe legacy scanner are having difficulty maintaining reliable wireless connectivity, which AP configured could potential correct this issue?

A.    Enable short preamble dot 11 radio0
B.    Disable short preamble dot 11 radio1
C.    Disable short preamble dot 11 radio0
D.    Confirm that 802.11n support is disable
E.    Configure global preamble negotiation
F.    Enable short preamble on dot 11 radio1

Answer: C

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