Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP HP2-N44 Exam Questions

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-N44
Exam Name: Selling HP Vertical Big Data Solutions

When is Vertica a better choice than SAP HANA?

A.    The customer wants a closed ecosystem for BI and analytics, and is unconcerned with support for
the R statistical programming language.
B.    The customer is already heavily invested in the SAP ecosystem for BI.
C.    The customer’s primary application will be to analyze SAP operational data.
D.    The customer expects the volume of data to grow rapidly.

Answer: D

What is an example of Vertica’s advanced analytic capabilities?

A.    Geospatial analysis
B.    Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
C.    Black-Scholes option pricing calculation
D.    Fraud attraction analysis

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 1, first para)

Which statement about the business benefits of Vertica is true?

A.    Vertica provides pre-build industry specific data models for deploying Big Data solutions.
B.    Vertica is an industry leading Business Intelligence tool.
C.    Vertica has a higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as compared to most data warehouse solutions.
D.    Vertica has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as compared to most data warehouse solutions.

Answer: D

What is an example of how Vertica can positively impact business with Big Data?

A.    Telecommunications industry analysis to gain insight into customer churn and customer satisfaction
B.    Provides a full test suite to facilitate load testing of high availability websites
C.    Indexes and summarizes data in order to minimize the hardware required to store information
D.    Implementation of an eCommerce order processing solution

Answer: A

Which type of storage architecture does Vertica have?

A.    Relational-based
B.    Column-based
C.    Hybrid row/column-based
D.    Row-based

Answer: D
Explanation: (see sort, compress, organize)

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