Latest VMware VCP550 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE (111-120)

How should a vSphere administrator disable memory compression?

A.    Attach a vSphere Client to an ESXi host and edit the Mem.MemZipEnable advanced setting.
B.    Connect to vCenter Server using the vSphere Client and edit the virtual machine.
Insert the Mem.MemZipDisable option and set the value to True.
C.    Connect a vSphere Client to vCenter Server and configure the Memory Compression setting from
the Administration menu.
D.    Reboot the ESXi host and disable memory compression in the BIOS under Advanced Settings.

Answer: A

Which installation method is not available for a new deployment of ESXi 5.x?

A.    Update Manager installation
B.    Text-based interactive installation
C.    Scripted installation
D.    Auto Deploy installation

Answer: A

Which VMware Tools upgrade method minimizes the need for scheduled downtime?

A.    Use vCenter Server to select and upgrade virtual machines
B.    Use vSphere PowerCLI and create a script to upgrade the virtual machines
C.    Use Update Manager to perform an orchestrated upgrade of virtual machines
D.    Configure the virtual machines to check for and install updates at each reboot cycle

Answer: D

Before upgrading from vCenter 4.x to 5.x, an administrator runs the vCenter Host Agent Pre- Upgrade Checker. The Checker reports an issue.
What would cause the vCenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker to report an issue?

A.    The .NET framework 3.5 is installed.
B.    The host network card is only 1 Gbps.
C.    The file system is not intact.
D.    The VMFS file system is version 4.0.

Answer: C

An organization has a cluster of 6 ESXi hosts. Security policy requires that all administrative activity occurs through vCenter Server and not directly on the hosts.
Which action should a system administrator take to enforce this policy?

A.    Use the vSphere client to right-click on the cluster and select Enable lockdown mode on the ESXi hosts
in the cluster.
B.    Use the vSphere client to navigate to the Security Profile of each ESXi host and enable lockdown mode.
C.    Connect to the DCUI of each ESXi host and navigate the menus to the Troubleshooting Options and enable
lockdown mode.
D.    Connect to the ESXi shell on each host and type the command service lockdown start.

Answer: B

An administrator needs to join several ESXi hosts in the environment to the corporate Active Directory instance. The container and path for the OU is Servers\VMware. The FQDN of the local Active Directory is CORP.AD.
Which option accurately shows the information an administrator would enter when configuring an ESXi host to join the domain and ensures the host is placed in the appropriate OU?

A.    ldap://CORP.AD:389/Servers/VMware
B.    CORP.AD/Servers/VMware
C.    cn=VMware, ou=Servers, dc=CORP, dc=AD
D.    ou=VMware, ou=Servers, dc=CORP, dc=AD

Answer: B

An administrator needs to implement trusted SSL certificates for all vCenter 5.5 components.
Which component needs an SSL certificate?

A.    Update Manager
B.    Auto Deploy
C.    ESXi Dump Collector
D.    Network Syslog Collector

Answer: A

The oncall system administrator has made a change on the ESXi host requiring a restart of the management network. Lockdown mode is enabled.
Which action should the administrator take to restart the management network?

A.    Use the vSphere client to enable local authentication services, then logon directly to the ESXi Shell
and run services mgmt-vmware restart.
B.    Use an SSH client to logon to the command line and run services mgmt-vmware restart.
C.    Use the vSphere client to enable the DCUI and then logon to the ESXi Shell and use the menu to
restart the management network.
D.    Logon directly to the DCUI and use the menu to restart the management network.

Answer: D

A vSphere administrator has created a vSphere Standard Switch with one virtual machine port group and one physical uplink. The administrator needs to ensure that the virtual machines on this port group can communicate only with each other.
What should the administrator do?

A.    Remove the physical uplink from the vSphere Standard Switch
B.    Create a Private VLAN and apply it to the virtual machine port group on the vSphere Standard Switch
C.    Enable Port Security on the vSphere Standard Switch
D.    Enable the Fenced setting on the virtual machine port group

Answer: A

A vSphere administrator needs to add redundancy to an ESXi 5.x management network on a vSphere Standard Switch.
Which method should the administrator use to create redundant management networks?

A.    Configure the management network vSwitch with two active uplinks
B.    Configure an additional management portgroup on the same vSwitch
C.    Create a second management network on a second vSwitch in the same subnet
D.    Create a second management network on the same vSwitch in the same subnet

Answer: A

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