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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 6402
Exam Name: Avaya IP Office Implementation Exam

Which two steps must be completed to get Embedded Voice Mail (EVM) Dial by Name to work correctly? (Choose two.)

A.    Add names to the system directory.
B.    Users need to record theirnames.
C.    Configure DialBy Name action off Auto Attendant.
D.    EmbeddedVoicemail code is set.

Answer: AB

When manually setting up an IP telephone, which setting represents the IP address of the IP Office?

A.    Phonetyp
B.    SwitchSv
C.    CallSv
D.    Filetyp

Answer: C

Which two features arc supported by the Embedded Voicemail on the IP Office platform? (Choose two.)

A.    Network Mailbox
B.    Voicemail to Email
C.    Virtual DistributionList
D.    Public Distribution Box
E.    DTMFBreakout from mailbox

Answer: BE

The customer wants to rack mount an IP500 system. The room that the system will be installed in has a 25" width rack with space in it. Which additional equipment is needed to install the system in a rack?

A.    a Standard 19" Rack
B.    yellow2meterinterconnect cables
C.    an Uninterruptable Power Supply
D.    an IP400 Rack Mounting Kit

Answer: A

In Manager, where can the voicemail type be selected for the IP Office to use Embedded Voicemail?

A.    Line form
B.    User form
C.    System form
D.    Auto Attendant form

Answer: C

A customer with digital stations uses their outbound digital lines at 95% of capacity.
Which variable should be considered when planning for future growth?

A.    the number of VCM channels
B.    the number of hunt groups
C.    the number of users
D.    the number of trunks

Answer: D

Which tool can be used to convert .wav files to the formats used by Embedded Voicemail?

A.    Advanced File Upgrade
B.    HTMLconverter
C.    Save Files asfeature within Manager
D.    LVM Greeting Utility

Answer: D

On a customer system only three out of four analog trunks are connected to a provider. What should be configured for the fourth trunk port?

A.    The Trunk has to be set to Out of Service.
B.    The Line GroupID needs to be set toDefault.
C.    TheIncoming Call Route needs to be set to DataCall.
D.    The Line Appearance ID should be set to 700.

Answer: A

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