Passed HP HP0-M28 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-M28
Exam Name: Implementing HPAsset Manager Software

Where are user login passwords stored? (Select three.)

A.    in NT Security
B.    in Asset Manager
C.    in RDBMS Security
D.    in Asset Manager Web
E.    in an external LDAP directory

Answer: ABE

Which tests must be completed before deploying Asset Manager into a production environment? (Select two.)

A.    functional tests
B.    no tests required
C.    consistency tests
D.    performance tests

Answer: AD

Which activity helps control costs within the enterprise?

A.    the ability to manage the database
B.    the ability to manage an enterprise IT topology
C.    the ability to manage ITSM activities within the enterprise
D.    the ability to manage software license compliance and entitlement

Answer: D

Which IT Asset Management best practices are incorporated within Asset Manager? (Select three.)

A.    Asset Tracking
B.    Identity Management
C.    Service Management
D.    Network Management
E.    Contract Management
F.    Procurement Management

Answer: AEF

What are valid license access types? (Select three.)

A.    guest
B.    admin
C.    casual
D.    named
E.    floating

Answer: ADE

What does Asset Manager enable the organization to do best? (Select three.)

A.    secure and protect employees’ identities
B.    effectively manage documents within the enterprise
C.    empower employees to make educated business decisions
D.    define, optimize, and track specific business processes of an organization
E.    manage an enterprise portfolio including assets, contracts, inventory, and business data

Answer: CDE

What is the primary key of a computer record stored in the amComputer table?

A.    lItemId
B.    lAssetId
C.    lComputerId
D.    lCPUNumber

Answer: C

What should be done to a list to enable the Go to search command?

A.    Sort by the Name field within the list.
B.    Sort by the primary key within the list.
C.    Sort by the desired field within the list.
D.    Do not sort on any fields within the list.

Answer: C

Which key(s) do you press to obtain maximum column size when viewing a list?

A.    F5
B.    F9
C.    CTRL+F3
D.    CTRL+F5

Answer: B

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