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Which SAP NetWeaver component ensures company-wide unification of data and information in heterogeneous IT environments?

A.    Enterprise Portal
B.    Knowledge Management
C.    Enterprise Search
D.    Master Data Management

Answer: D

What Service Desk feature provides all the functions to analyze and monitor an entire SAP solution centrally?

A.    Root cause analysis
B.    Implementation Roadmap
C.    SAP Notes
D.    SAP Solution Manager diagnostics

Answer: D

Which SAP NetWeaver component realizes cross-system application processes?

A.    SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) / SAP Process Integration (SAP PI)
B.    SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP)
C.    SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM)
D.    SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)

Answer: A

A customer is to be billed on the last day of every month, regardless of when the order and the delivery are processed.
Which procedure fulfills this requirement?

A.    Maintain a factory calendar with a single date per month and assign it to the customer master record of the payer.
B.    Maintain a billing date profile and assign it to the sales document type.
C.    Maintain a customer-specific billing due list variant and schedule a periodic job.
D.    Use the condition technique and assign a billing date determination profile to the customer master record of the payer.

Answer: A

Which complaint request document is created with a mandatory reference to a billing document?

A.    Invoice correction request
B.    Returns
C.    Credit memo request
D.    Debit memo request

Answer: A

What data elements that are delivered with the SAP standard configuration represent split criteria in billing creation? (Choose three)

A.    Payer
B.    Material group
C.    Billing date
D.    Ship-to party
E.    Terms of payment

Answer: ACE

What is the purpose of using billing due lists? (Choose two)

A.    To initiate a dunning run in Financials
B.    To process sales orders and deliveries that are due for billing
C.    To periodically create billing documents
D.    To release orders that are blocked for billing

Answer: BC

Which statements relating to output processing are correct? (Choose two)

A.    Each output type can have only one transmission medium assigned to it.
B.    The access sequence of the output determination procedure defines which document data is shown in the output presentation.
C.    If you want to include new document fields in an output, you must enhance the form that is assigned to the output type.
D.    The permitted transmission mediums are assigned to the output type in Customizing.

Answer: CD

What can you do if you configure only the account group?

A.    You can determine the account determination procedure.
B.    You can hide fields in the customer master.
C.    You can define two number ranges per account group.
D.    You can create and add new fields to the customer master.

Answer: B

Only texts of a specific text type should be printed using a SAPscript form.
Which configuration is required?

A.    The text type has to be flagged as relevant for printing.
B.    The text type has to be included in a new print output program.
C.    The text type has to be included in the relevant form.
D.    The text type has to be assigned directly to the relevant access sequence.

Answer: C

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