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Which statement is true about trunking?

A.    Cisco switches that run PVST+ do not transmit BPDUs on nonnative VLANs when using a dot1q trunk.
B.    When removing VLAN 1 from a trunk, management traffic such as CDP is no longer passed in that VLAN.
C.    DTP only supports autonegotiation on 802.1q and does not support autonegotiation for ISL.
D.    DTP is a point-to-point protocol.

Answer: D

Which three statements are true about an EtherChannel? (Choose three.)

A.    PAGP and LACP can be configured on the same switch if the switch is not in the same EtherChannel.
B.    EtherChannel ports in suspended state can receive BPDUs but cannot send them.
C.    An EtherChannel forms between trunks that are using different native VLANs.
D.    LACP can operate in both half duplex and full duplex, if the duplex setting is the same on both ends.
E.    Ports with different spanning-tree path costs can form an EtherChannel.

Answer: ABE

Which technology can be affected when switches are used that do not support jumbo frames?

A.    802.1x
B.    BFD
C.    OSPFv3
D.    802.1q

Answer: D

Which statement describes the native VLAN concept in an ISL trunk?

A.    It is the VLAN ID that is assigned to untagged packets.
B.    It is the VLAN with highest priority.
C.    It is the default VLAN for a trunk.
D.    There is no native VLAN concept in an ISL trunk.

Answer: D

Which protocol is the encapsulating protocol for mtrace packets?

A.    ICMP
B.    IGMP
C.    PIM
D.    GRE

Answer: B

Assume that the following MAC addresses are used for the bridge ID MAC address by four different switches in a network. Which switch will be elected as the spanning-tree root bridge?

A.    SwitchA uses MAC 1000.AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA.
B.    SwitchB uses MAC 2000.BB-BB-BB-BB-BB-BB.
C.    SwitchC uses MAC 3000.CC-CC-CC-CC-CC-CC.
D.    SwitchD uses MAC 4000.DD-DD-DD-DD-DD-DD.

Answer: A

What is the destination MAC address of a BPDU frame?

A.    01-80-C2-00-00-00
B.    01-00-5E-00-00-00
D.    01-80-C6-00-00-01

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. All switches are Cisco switches. Assume that Cisco Discovery Protocol is enabled only on switches A and C.
Which information is returned when you issue the command show cdp neighbors on switch C?

A.    a limited amount of information about switch B
B.    no neighbor details will be returned
C.    neighbor details for switch B
D.    neighbor details for switch A
E.    neighbor details for switch C

Answer: B
CDP is used to discover information on directly connected neighbors only, so in this case Switch C would only be able to obtain CDP information from Switch B. However, since Switch B is not running CDP then no neighbor information will be seen on Switch C. Same goes for Switch A also in this topology.

Which two features are supported when Cisco HDLC is implemented? (Choose two.)

A.    error recovery
B.    error detection
C.    asynchronous links
D.    multiple protocols

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. With these configurations for R1 and R2, which statement about PPP authentication is true?

A.    Authentication fails because R1 is missing a username and password.
B.    R2 responds with the correct authentication credentials.
C.    R2 requires authentication from R1.
D.    R1 requires authentication from R2.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You must complete the configuration on R1 so that a maximum of three links can be used and fragmentation is supported.
Which additional configuration accomplishes this task?

A.    interface Multilink19
ip address
ppp multilink
ppp multilink group 19
ppp multilink links minimum 1
ppp multilink links maximum 3
ppp multilink interleave
B.    interface Multilink19
ip address
ppp multilink
ppp multilink group 19
ppp multilink links maximum 3
ppp multilink fragment delay 20
C.    interface Multilink19
ip address
ppp multilink
ppp multilink group 19
ppp multilink links maximum 3
ppp multilink fragment delay 20
ppp multilink interleave
D.    interface Multilink19
ip address
ppp multilink
ppp multilink group 19
ppp multilink links maximum 3
ppp multilink interleave

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true about the downward bit?
A.    It forces the CE router to use a backup link instead of sending traffic via MPLS VPN.
B.    It informs the PE router that the LSA metric has been recently decreased to 1 and that partial
SPF calculation cannot be delayed.
C.    It forces the CE router to install the LSA with the downward bit set into its routing table as a
discard route.
D.    It informs the PE router that the LSA was already redistributed into BGP by another PE router
and that the LSA must not be redistributed into BGP again.

Answer: D

When BGP route reflectors are used, which attribute ensures that a routing loop is not created?

A.    weight
B.    local preference
C.    multiexit discriminator
D.    originator ID

Answer: D

Which regular expression will match prefixes that originated from AS200?

A.    ^$
B.    ^200_
C.    _200$
D.    ^200)
E.    _200_

Answer: C

Which statement describes the difference between a stub area and a totally stub area?

A.    The ABR advertises a default route to a totally stub area and not to a stub area.
B.    Stub areas do not allow LSA types 4 and 5, while totally stub areas do not allow LSA types 3, 4,
and 5.
C.    Totally stub areas allow limited external routes in the area via a special type 7 LSA, while stub
areas do not
D.    Stub areas do not allow external LSAs, ASBR summary LSAs, or summary LSAs with the exception
of a default route originated by the ABR via a summary LSA.

Answer: B

Which two statements are true about IS-IS? (Choose two.)

A.    IS-IS DIS election is nondeterministic.
B.    IS-IS SPF calculation is performed in three phases.
C.    IS-IS works over the data link layer, which does not provide for fragmentation and reassembly.
D.    IS-IS can never be routed beyond the immediate next hop.

Answer: CD

Which command do you use to connect a dense-mode domain to a sparse-mode multicast domain?

A.    none, because there is no such command
B.    ip pim spt-threshold infinity
C.    ip pim register dense-mode
D.    ip pim dense-mode proxy-register

Answer: D

Which two statements about the function of a PIM designated router are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It forwards multicast traffic from the source into the PIM network.
B.    It registers directly connected sources to the PIM rendezvous point.
C.    It sends PIM Join/Prune messages for directly connected receivers.
D.    It sends IGMP queries.
E.    It sends PIM asserts on the interfaces of the outgoing interface list.

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Which IP packets will be accepted from EBGP neighbor

A.    IP packets with a TTL count in the header that is equal to or greater than 253
B.    IP packets with a TTL count in the header that is equal to 253
C.    IP packets with a TTL count in the header that is equal to or greater than 2
D.    IP packets with a TTL count in the header that is equal to 2

Answer: A

Which two statements about proxy ARP are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It is supported on networks without ARP.
B.    It allows machines to spoof packets.
C.    It requires larger ARP tables
D.    It reduces the amount of ARP traffic.

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1 and R2 are configured as shown, and traffic from R1 fails to reach host
Which action can you take to correct the problem?

A.    Ensure that R2 has a default route in its routing table.
B.    Change the OSPF area type on R1 and R2.
C.    Edit the router configurations so that address is a routable address.
D.    Remove the default-information originate command from the OSPF configuration of R2.

Answer: A

Which statement about the overload bit in IS-IS is true?

A.    The IS-IS adjacencies on the links for which the overload bit is set are brought down.
B.    Routers running SPF ignore LSPs with the overload bit set and hence avoid blackholing traffic.
C.    A router setting the overload bit becomes unreachable to all other routers in the IS-IS area.
D.    The overload bit in IS-IS is used only for external prefixes.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    R2 is directly connected to the receiver for this group and is the winner of an assert mechanism.
B.    R2 is directly connected to the receiver for this group, and it forwards the traffic onto Ethernet3/0,
but it is forwarding duplicate traffic onto Ethernet3/0.
C.    R2 has the A flag (Accept flag) set on Ethernet 3/0. This is fine, since the group is in BIDIR PIM mode.
D.    R2 is directly connected to the receiver for this group and is the loser of an assert mechanism.
E.    The A flag is set until the SPT threshold is reached for this multicast group.

Answer: A

Which three statements about IS-IS are true? (Choose three.)

A.    IS-IS is not encapsulated in IP.
B.    IS-IS is directly encapsulated in the data link layer.
C.    0XFEFE is used in the Layer 2 header to identify the Layer 3 protocol.
D.    IS-IS uses protocol ID 93.
E.    IS-IS can be used to route the IPX protocol.
F.    IS-IS is an IETF standard.

Answer: ABC

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    The command ip multicast rpf multitopology is missing from the configuration.
B.    Multitopology routing for multicast has been enabled for IS-IS.
C.    This output is invalid.
D.    The command mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact is configured on this router.

Answer: B

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