PMI-001 Q&A – Section 1: Framework and PM Processes (61-70)

Section 1: Framework and PM Processes

Lessons learned are BEST completed by:
A. The project manager.
B. The team.
C. The sponsor.
D. The stakeholders.
Answer: D

The best answer is stakeholders, as their input is critical for collecting all the lessons learned on each project.
The term “stakeholders” includes all the other groups.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 32

Your company has just presented its new five-year strategic plan. You have received a new product request from a customer that is in line with the previous five-year strategic plan, but it does not meet the objectives of the new plan. The product description seems to have a valid business driver and to be a straightforward development effort. As project manager, what is the BEST course of action?
A. Do a benefit cost analysis of the project and submit it for management approval.
B. Submit the new product request to the PMO for review and approval before proceeding.
C. Inform the customer of the change in corporate direction and ask him/her to take another look at the project.
D. Request a project charter from management and begin a WBS.
Answer: B
The PMO determines whether a project supports the organization’s strategic plan and can authorize exceptions to projects not linked to the strategic plan.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 23

A market demand, a business need, and/or legal requirements are examples of:
A. Reasons to hire a project manager.
B. Reasons projects are initiated.
C. Reasons people or businesses become stakeholders.
D. Reasons to sponsor a project.
Answer: B
These are reasons projects are initiated.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 10

Which statement about project deliverables is CORRECT?
A. They are determined after the work is completely defined.
B. They are described during project planning and improved over time.
C. They are defined at project onset with the input of project stakeholders.
D. They are determined by the project sponsor.
Answer: C
Choices A and B are not correct because deliverables are part of the project charter, which is created before the work is completely defined and planning occurs. Since deliverables are determined in part by the customer, choice D cannot be correct.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 61

A market demand, a customer request, and a technological advance are examples of:
A. Changes to the project.
B. Reasons to initiate a project.
C. Components of a WBS.
D. Reasons to outsource the work.
Answer: B
The items listed might lead to changes, but they are not changes themselves, so choice A cannot be best.
These items may be considered when creating a WBS, but they are not components of a WBS (choice C). A market demand (choice D) would not be a logical reason to outsource. As choice B lists good justifications for projects to be initiated, it is the best answer.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 10

The BEST time to assign a project manager to a project is during:
A. Executing.
B. Closing.
C. Initiating.
D. Planning.
Answer: C
The project manager must be assigned during initiating.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 64

In order to complete the project initiating processes, a project manager needs the project charter and:
A. Identified stakeholders.
B. A work breakdown structure.
C. A project scope statement.
D. A scope management plan.
Answer: A
Outputs of the initiating process group are the project charter and identified stakeholders. Choices B, C, and D are outputs of planning processes.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 60

Identifying high-level project performance criteria, defining business need, and determining product description are all part of WHICH project management process group?
A. Initiating
B. Planning
C. Executing
D. Monitoring and controlling
Answer: A
Determining the product description should be a giveaway. This process is addressed in the project charter, so we must be in project initiating. Expect many questions that ask when something occurs in the project management process.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 61

The project charter is created in which project management process group?
A. Executing
B. Planning
C. Closing
D. Initiating
Answer: D
The project charter is needed before planning and execution of the work can begin.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 63

All of the following must be performed during project initiating EXCEPT:
A. Identify and document business needs.
B. Create a project scope statement.
C. Divide large projects into phases.
D. Accumulate and evaluate historical information.
Answer: B
A project scope statement (choice B) is generally created in project planning.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 61

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