PMI-001 Q&A – Section 3: Scope Management (61-70)

Section 3: Scope Management

The customer wants to expand the product scope after the performance measurement baseline has been established. Which document will the customer need to submit?
A. Change request
B. Project scope statement
C. Performance measurements
D. Activity attributes
Answer: A

Changes must be formally controlled using the change control system.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 169

A project manager discovers that two team members discussed what was needed to complete a work package on the project and made many changes to the project scope. The work package is now completed and the team members are planning to go on to the next work package. In looking at what was done, the project manager determines that the work does NOT meet the requirements of the project. What is the BEST course of action for the project manager?
A. Add another work package, formatted with the correct scope, to the project.
B. Refuse the submittal of the work package.
C. Have the team begin the work package again and include the incident in their performance reviews.
D. Ask the team member’s manager to assign different people to the work package.
Answer: B
A submittal that does not meet the requirements should not be accepted.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 167

Which of the following is CORRECT in regard to the Control Scope process?
A. Effective scope definition can lead to a more complete project scope statement.
B. The Control Scope process must be done before scope planning.
C. The Scope Control process must be integrated with other control processes.
D. Controlling the schedule is the most effective way of controlling scope.
Answer: C
Though it is a correct statement, choice A cannot be the answer because it does not deal with control. Since scope planning occurs before the Control Scope process, choice B cannot be the answer. Since controlling the schedule is not the best way to control scope, choice D is not the best answer. The control processes do not act in isolation. A change to one will most likely affect the others. Therefore choice C is the best answer.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 169

The product manager for the product the project is developing notifies the project manager that she has decided the product should be usable by an additional market. The BEST thing for the project manager to do would be to:
A. Immediately notify the project sponsor that there is a project scope change.
B. Notify the project change control board that the project scope will have to change.
C. Inform the product manager that the potential impacts to the project will be reviewed.
D. Do nothing, as this is an example of progressive elaboration.
Answer: C
Notice the use of the terms “product” and “project scope” and how they mean different things? Choice C is the best option, since a change to any part of the product or project should be evaluated for impacts to other parts.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 169

All of the following are outputs of the Control Scope process EXCEPT:
A. Change requests.
B. Updated organizational process assets.
C. Updates to the project management plan.
D. Accepted deliverables.
Answer: D
Deliverables are accepted in the Verify Scope process.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 169

You are the project manager on an information technology project on which you and the sponsor have already approved the scope. An information specialist on your team, after having lunch with a low ranking customer representative working with him on a software project, learns that a simple alteration in the display would be a great addition to the project. The information specialist installs the change with no negative effect on the project schedule and at no additional cost. What action should be taken?
A. The information specialist should be recognized for exceeding customer expectations without affecting project cost or schedule.
B. The project manager should add an activity to the project management plan with no associated time.
C. The information specialist should be told that his behavior was unacceptable, as it may have negatively affected the overall project.
D. The project manager should create a change control form and have the customer approve the change since the change has already been made.
Answer: C
A project manager should ensure they give the customer what they asked for; no more or no less. Even though in this case the change had no negative effect on cost or schedule, it may have adversely affected other areas of the project, such as quality. There was no opportunity to complete the Perform Integrated Change Control process before the change was made. However, Integrated Change Control is still needed in order to assess other possible impacts to the project.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 169

Two months into a design project, the customer requested a modification to the product. The change was made without notifying the project manager. During the final testing phase, results were different than what was planned for. This scenario is BEST thought of as an example of which of the following?
A. Poor scope control
B. Poor adherence to the communications management plan
C. Poor development of the quality management plan
D. Poor definition of the test plan
Answer: A
If the scope change had been properly recorded, the change impact could have been addressed immediately.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 169

All of the following are outputs of the Create WBS process EXCEPT:
A. Scope baseline.
B. Change requests.
C. WBS dictionary.
D. Updates to the requirements documentation.
Answer: B
Change requests are outputs of the Verify Scope and Control Scope processes.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 121

Two people on the same project team have just found out they are working on the same work. This situation can be BEST characterized as a lack of:
A. A good work breakdown structure.
B. A matrix organization.
C. Sponsor direction.
D. Effective status meetings.
Answer: A
Though there could be other reasons than those presented, choice A is the best characterization. A good work breakdown structure identifies each work package so that each can be properly assigned, thus reducing the possibility that the same work will be done by more than one resource.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 163

During a project team meeting, a team member suggests an enhancement to the scope that is beyond the scope of the project charter. The project manager points out that the team needs to concentrate on completing all the work and only the work required. This is an example of:
A. Change management process.
B. Scope management.
C. Quality analysis.
D. Scope decomposition.
Answer: B
The team member is suggesting an enhancement that is outside the scope of the project charter. Scope management involves focusing on doing the work and only the work in the project management plan that meets the objectives of the project charter. The project manager is performing scope management.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 147