PMI-001 Q&A – Section 4: Time Management (161-170)

Section 4: Time Management

During the Define Activities process, the team discovers that they do not know enough to define the activities for 30 percent of the work packages. What would be the BEST course of action?
A. Redo the Define Scope process.
B. Review the project charter with the sponsor and the team.
C. Continue on to the Sequence Activities process and define the activities at a later date.
D. Include this problem as part of risk identification.
Answer: A

Planning cannot continue if the team does not know enough about so many work packages, making choice C impractical and choice D ineffective. Choice B might help, but the detailed project scope would be included in the project scope statement created during choice A.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 182

During the Define Activities process, a team member identifies an activity that needs to be accomplished.
However, another team member believes that the activity is not part of the project as he interprets the project scope statement. What is the BEST thing for the project manager to do?
A. Try to build a consensus of the team.
B. Make the decision herself.
C. Ask the sponsor for clarification.
D. Ask senior management for clarification.
Answer: C
The project scope statement is created based on the preliminary project scope statement and input from the sponsor. Therefore the answer is choice C, ask the sponsor.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page:

Identifying and documenting the specific activites that must be performed to produce work packages is called:
A. Define Scope.
B. Decomposition.
C. Define Activities.
D. Sequence Activities.
Answer: C
This question is testing your knowledge of important standard terms in project management.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 182

Activities in the Define Activities process should meet:
A. The WBS layout.
B. Cost incentives.
C. Schedule objectives.
D. Project objectives.
Answer: D
This question is testing your understanding of why certain project management activities should be done.
Since we are in the planning process group, (Define Activities is done in planning) it is better to try to meet all objectives, not just cost (choice B) or schedule (choice C). Choice A is not relevant.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 133

Who of the following would be LEAST likely to be involved in the Define Activities process?
A. End user
B. Team
C. Experts
D. Project manager
Answer: A
The end user is least likely to know the specific activities that must be accomplished to complete the work package.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 182

Inputs to Define Activities include all the following EXCEPT:
B. A project scope statement.
C. A team.
D. A project schedule.
Answer: D
The project schedule is developed after Define Activities. Did you remember that the team (choice C) can be involved in activity definition?
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 182

What might historical records from previous projects used as an input to the Define Activities process include?
A. Activities
B. Resources
C. Costs
D. Schedule
Answer: A
This question is worded strangely! Get used to it because you will have many instances where it will take you two minutes to figure out what the question is asking, let alone come up with the best answer.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 134

Which of the following needs to be completed before resources can be finalized for the project?
A. Work breakdown structure
B. Estimates
C. Bar chart
D. Verify Scope
Answer: A
Remember that the WBS is the basis for making estimates and assigning resources. Therefore, the WBS is the correct answer.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 164

A project manager needs to determine the resources needed for the project. Select the primary process from the following choices.
A. Estimate Activity Resources
B. Develop Schedule
C. Expert advice from functional managers
D. Develop Human Resource Plan
Answer: A
Many people select choice D because they do not realize that Develop Human Resource Plan relates to assigning roles and responsibilities. The resource requirements are determined in Estimate Activity Resources and human resources are acquired in Acquire Project Team.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 186

Which of the following techniques incorporates a form of risk assessment?
A. Arrow diagramming method
B. Network diagramming
C. Critical path method
D. Three-point estimating
Answer: D
Three-point estimating takes into account the risk of not meeting your date.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 191